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science test- 2/9/11

What is another name for the eyepiece? Ocular lens
How should you carry a microscope? By holding the arm and base
What are the parts of a microscope? The eyepiece, high power objective, low power objective, body tube, coarse adjustment knob, fine adjustment knob, base, arm, nosepiece, mirror, diaphragm, stage, and stage clips
What is the eyepiece? It is at the top of the microscope. It holds the lens closest to the eye
What is the high power objective? It is the longer if the two lenses close to the side
What is the low power objective? It is the shorter of the two lenses close to the side
What is the body tube? It gives the distance needed between the eyepiece and objective
What is the coarse adjustment knob? It moves the tube up and down
What is the fine adjustment knob? It moves the tube up and down, but only slightly
What is the base? It holds up the entire microscope
What is the arm? It supports the body tube
What is the nosepiece? It holds the objective lenses
What is the mirror? It reflects light into the tube
What is the diaphragm? It is a circular disk that adjusts the amount of light entering the stage area
What is the stage? It is a platform that supports the slide; it allows light to pass through
What are the stage clips? They hold the slide in place on the stage
What is a lens? It is a piece of glass that has been carefully shaped to bend light
What are two kinds of microscope slides? Temporary and permanent
A temporary slide cannot be what? Stored
What is a temporary slide useful for? Studying tiny, living organisms
What can a permanent slide be? Used over and over again
How should a lens be cleaned? With special lens paper
What can cleaning with regular tissues do to the lens? It could scratch the lens
Created by: nicoler5