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Health Mr.Land

questions and answers.

Body system made up of bones, joints, & connective tissue. Skeletal System
Group of structures that gives your body parts the power to move Muscular System
Group of organs that move essential supplies to body cells and remove their waste products. circulatory system
system that consists of organs that supply the body with constant oxygen and rid the body of carbon dioxide respiratory system
the body's message and control center nervous system
3 functions of the skeletal system movement supports and protects internal organs
How many bones are in the human skeleton? 206
Joint that allows movement in only one direction. hinge joint
Joint that allows movement w/ limited rotation. pivot joint
joint that allows bones to slide over one another w/o twisting glidiing joints
joint that allows bones to move in all directions ball & socket joints
a break in the bone caused by injury fracture
bone pushed out of a joint dislocation
ligaments in a joint are stretched or twisted causes swelling sprain
happens over time make up 1/2 of teens sport injury, common in runners & aggressive walkers overuse injury
disorder in which spine curves towards one side of the body scoliosis
condition characterized by brittle & porus bones from lack of calcium, certain hormones, & vitamin D osteoporosis
4 primary functions of the muscular system movement, pump blood, move food through digestive system, control movement in and out of lungs.
3 types of muscles skeletal, smooth, cardiac
skelatal, smooth, cardiac voluntary, involuntary, involuntary
true or false there are over 600 skeletal muscles in the human body true
contraction shortening of muscle
extension making a muscle bigger
muscle tone natural tension of muscle
main part of circulatory system heart
3 main functions of blood carry nutrients, carry oxygen, carry waste away
cardiovascular system disorder characterized by: high blood pressure / hypertension
blood flow to heart is blocked heart attack
when the arteries harden arteriosclorosis
circulatory system is same as cardiovascular system true
arteries carry blood away from the heart
veins carry blood to the heart
asthma causes tiny air passages in respiratory system to become narrow
bodies need oxygen to survive true
somatic system actions you control
autonomic system happens automatically
brain & spine 2 main components of nervous system
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