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Blood Collection Tub

Oxalate/fluoride, Sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate (Additve), Antiglycolytic agent preserves glucose up to 5 days, Glucoses, requires full draw(may cause hemolysis if short draw) Gray top
: soium heparin or litium heparin (Additive), Inactivates thrombin and thromboplastin, For litium level, use sodium heparin For ammonia level,use sodium or litium heparin Green top
EDTA (Additve), Forms calcium salts to remove calcium, Hematology(CBC) and Blood bank(crossmatch); requires full draw- invert 8 times to prevent clotting and platelet clumping Lavender top
: coagulation tube, Sodium Citrate(Additive) Forms calcium salts to remove calcium, Coagulation tests(protime and prothrombin time), full draw required Light blue top
Contains lithium heparin anticoagulant and a gel separator (Additive), Anticoagulates with litium heparin; plasma is separated with PST gel at the bottom of the tube Light green top
1.3 Potassium EDTA (Additive), Forms calcium salts Immunohematology. Pink Top
non additive tube,NO additive, Blood clots, and the serum is separated by centrifugation, chemistries, immunology and serology, blood bank(crossmatch) Red top
SST,contains a gel separator and clot activator, Thrombin & Gel (Additive), Serum separator tube contains a gel at bottom to separate blood from serum on centrifugation, Chemistries,Immunology and Serology Red-gray, tiger or gold top
1.2 EDTA(Additive), Tube is designed to contain no contaminating metals, Trace element testing(Zinc,copper,lead,mercury) and toxicology Royal Blue Top
1.1.blood culture or tube, ACD (Additive), complement inactivation, HLA tissue typing, paternity testing,DNA studies Sterile yellow top
: sodium citrate/coagulation studies blue
pottassium oxalate or sodium fluoride(anti coag)/blood glucose gray
sodium heparin(anticoag) electrolytes, and blood gases green
EDTA additive/hematology studies lavender
no additive/blood chemistry/aids/vial serological tests red
serum seperator/tests require blood serum tiger stripes
sodium additive/blood cultures yellow
Light Blue; invert 3 to 4 times. For coagulation determinations. Citrate Tubes
Lavender; invert 8 to 10 times. For whole blood hematology determinations; may be used for routine immunohematology testing and blood donor screening. EDTA Tube
Gray; invert 8 to 10 times. For glucose determinations; Oxalate and EDTA anticoagulants will give plasma samples. Fluoride (glucose) Tubes
Green; invert 8 to 10 times. For plasma determinations in chemistry. Heparin Tube
Blood Cultures - SPS, Citrate Tube, BD Vacutainer SST Gel Seperator Tube, Serum Tube, Heparin Tube, BD Vacutainer PST Gel Seperator Tube With Heparin, EDTA Tube, Fluoride (glucose) Tube Order of Draw (TriHealth
Red; Plastic tubes-invert 5 times. Glass tubes-do not invert. For serum determinations in chemistry; diagnosic testing of serum for infectious disease. Serum Tube
: Yellow; invert 5 times. For serum determinations in chemistry; diagnosic testing of serum for infectious disease. SST Gel Seperator Tube
Complete Blood Count CBC: Lavender
Differential Dif slide
Digoxin red
eosinophil count Eos: Lavender
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ESR/ Sed. rate: Lavender
Ethanol Alcohol ETOH Gray
Fibrin Split Products FSP Light Blue
Fibrinogen Light Blue
Gentamicin Red
Glucose ( plasma) Gray
Glycosated Hgb Lavender
Hematocrit Hct Lavender
Hemoglobin A l c Lavender
Hemoglobin Hb, hgb Lavender
Hemoglobin/Hematocrit H&H: Lavender
Hgb: Lavender
Lactic Acid Gray
Lactose Tolerance Test SST/ Gray
Blood Lavender:
F. F. P. P Light Blue
Lithium Li Red
Partial Thromboplastin Time PTT Light Blue
Phenytoin Red
Platelet PLT Lavender
Prothrombin Time PT/INR: Light Blue
Rapid Plasma Reagin RPR Red/SST
Red Blood Count RBC Lavender
ins Red
Reticulocyte Count Retic Lavendar
Rubella Red
Sickel Cell: Lavender
SST Chem. Class - Li, Food, Nutrition
Theophylline Red
Type & Cross Red
Venereal Disease Research Lab VDRL: Red
White Blood Count WBC Lavender
CK and CPK Light Green
Created by: nugentbarbara
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