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5th Grade Biomes

study cards regarding biomes

Climate: hot,barren; hot days/cold nights Desert
subtropical Desert
Producers: cactus; tumble weed Desert
Soil: sandy; rocky; minerals Desert
Consumers: rattle snakes; camel Desert
Climate: humid; rainy Tropical Rain Forest
tropical Tropical Rain Forest
Producers: fruit trees; vines; flowers Tropical Rain Forest
low nutrients; acidic Tropical Rain Forest
monkeys; toucans; sloths; parrots Tropical Rain Forest
polar zone; 6 weeks sunlight Tundra
moss; lichens; no tress Tundra
polar bear; artic fox Tundra
permafrost Tundra
Polar-some temperate Taiga
soil: spongy Taiga
fir; evergreens Taiga
moose; elk Taiga
grasses; wheat Grasslands
soil; most fertile Grasslands
subtropical temperate; 2 seasons Grasslands
giraffe; lion; elephant Grasslands
Soil; rich Deciduous Forest
squirrels; bears; deer Deciduous Forest
Amber Maple; Oak; Birch Deciduous Forest
4 seasons; temperate Deciduous Forest
abiotic non-living
biotic living
herbivore eats producers only
carnivore eats consumers only
omnivore eats both producers and consumers
Created by: dmwetherell