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Phelbotomy Miscellan

Containers used for disposing of needles and other sharp objects must be all of the following except which one? Recyclable
For which of the following tubes is the blood to additive ratio most critical? Lt Blue Stopper
Which type of patient is most likely to have an AV fistula or graft? Dialysis
After numerous punctures, veins can feel hard and cord-like when palpated. This "hardening" medical condition is called what? (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements) Sclorosis
Which of the following is NOT needed for skin puncture? Povidone iodine pad
When performing a routine blood draw, the basilic vein is the best choice. False
The Antecubital Fossa is the major vein in the arm for intended vein puncture. False
In what type of tube is blood drawn for a substance abuse test? Red
What vein is usually the first choice when selecting a site for venipuncture? Median Cubital
Which part of a cell contains the chromosomes or genetic material? Nucleus
1.The tourniquet cannot be left on for more than __ minute(s) one
2.Failure to remove the needle when blood starts entering the tissues may result in a(n) compression nerve injury
3.Hemolysis of a blood sample during blood collection may be due to: using a 25 gauge needle.
4.Hemoconcentration is/may be due to: having patient pump fist repeatedly.
5.Which of the following will be used when a serum sample is required: Clot Activator
6.Which of the following identifiers would be appropriate to accurately identify the patient: patient name and identification number
7.Which of the following samples will be utilized for plasma electrolytes? Heparin
8.All of the following tests can be performed on an EDTA sample EXCEPT glucose
9.According to the patient bill of rights patient's have the right to get which of the following items of information from the phlebotomist: your name and role in their care.
10.Blood culture contamination rates should not exceed 3%
11.Blood alcohol levels must be collected in which of the following tubes: Gray
12.A three hour glucose tolerance test has been ordered. In order for all samples to be collected and tested at a later time which of the following additves must be used? Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Oxalate
13.Which of the following collection methods will result in the BEST sample for analysis by the laboratory? Vacuum collection system
14.Leakage of blood into the tissues due to the needle partially being inserted into a vein will result in a/an: hematoma
15.You have left the tourniquet on for more than the recommended time period. Which of the following analytes will be falsely increased in the blood? potassium
16.Which of the following additives is used for a prothrombin time? Sodium Citrate
17.Which of the following stopper colors is used exclusively for the erythrocyte sedimentation rate? Black
18.You have collected the EDTA tube before the heparin tube. Which of the following will be excessively decreased? Calcium
19.Failure to completely fill the sodium citrate tube will result in a prolonged PTT
20.Which of the following is the correct way to finish up a venipuncture procedure? Remove tourniquet, release tube from holder, remove needle, apply pressure.
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