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Endocrine Test pt 2

The thyroid is a ____ hormone stimulating
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) specificaly targets cealls producing ______ Glucocorticoids.
Low production of Gonadotropins Hypogonadism- children cant undergo sexual maturation
FSH- promotes ___development in females and stimulates ___ cells in males. Follicle nurse
LH induces ____ in females. In males it stimulate production of ___ hormones by interstitial cells. Ovulation sex
Prolactin (mammotropin) stimulates _____ glands in females mammary
growth Hormones (sommatotropin) stimulates ____ growth and replication by accelerating the rate of protein synthesis. Cell
Somatotrophs secrete ____ hormone Growth
Mammotrophs secrete ____ Prolactin
Gonadotropins releases _____ FSH
Production is regulated by growth ____ hormone (Somatocrinin) and growth _____ hormone (somatostatin from the hypothalmus. Releasing inhibiting
Somatomedins secretes _____ insulin
When tissue stop breaking down glucose and start breaking down fatty acids is called ______ ______ effect Glucose- sparing
Melanocyte stimulates the melanocytes of the skin increasing the production of melanin. Release in inhibited by ____ and is a mean of getting a sunless tan Dopamine
Tropic hormones turn on endocrine glands
Neurohypophysis (posterior lobe) containes _____ and ______ ADH Oxytocin
ADH known as arginine vasopressin is released in response to a fall in ____ volume. blood volume
oxytocin promotes _______ ________ milk ejection.
Diabetes insipidus is generally caused by a decrease in release of ____ ADH
If the thyroid gland isnt functioning what happens to the neck? It enlarges which distorts the neck.
Calcitonin is produced by ___ Cells, and aids in the regulation of ____ concentration in body fluids C Calcium
Zona Glomerulosa (outer layer) produces _____ mineralocorticoids- affect electrolyte compsition of body fluid
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