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Skin, Science

All about the Skin

Function of skin? To protect against mechanical, chemical, thermal and bacterial damage as in the Sun, heat, and ultraviolet rays. Skin also regulates temperature and has sensory receptors for feeling things
The Epidermis is what type of tissue? 1. Epithelial Tissue, 2. Stratified Squamos, 3. Avascular, and 4. Apical surface.
Five Layers of Skin... Stratum 1- 3 1. Stratum Corneum(Filled with keratin, dead cells, thickest layer, runs and flakes off) 2.Stratum Lucidum(Only found on palms and feet, Flat, Keratinized, Dead Cells, Only in thick skin, hairless) 3. Stratum Granulosum(Transitional layer all over body)
Five Layers of Skin... 4 and 5 4. Stratum spinosum(transitional layer located all over body) and 5. Stratum Basale(base of skin cell, has no blood flow, receives nutrients, cell division to make new layers of skin)
Melanin pigment for skin and eye color
Melanocyes cells that produce melanin, located in the stratum basale. Its in epidermis, gives ur color.
Dermis dense connective tissue, collagin and elastic fibers
Dermis is 2 layers: the blank and the blank Papillary Layer dermal papillae (fingerprints) Reticular Layer (sweat and oil gland, capillaries)
Hypodermis(subcutaneous tissue, adipose(fat, tissue) Anchors skin to underlying organs, shock absorption, insulation.
Appendages of the skin Hair, Nails, glands.
Sebum moistens and lubricats skin; also contains chemicals that kill skin surface bacteria.
Skin Color, Three pigments Amount of melanin, Carotene, amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in dermal blood vessel
Created by: dvitetta