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Pharm Ch. 17

Psychotherapeutic Drugs

What is affective disorders? Emotional disorders that are characterized by changes in mood
What is Agoraphobia? fear of leaving the familiar setting of home
What is akathisia? mostor restlessness-a distressiong experience of uncontrollable muscular movements that can occur as an AE of many psychotropic medications
What is anxiety? the unpleasant state of mind in which renal or imagined dangers are anticipated an/or exaggerated
What is biogenic amine hypothesis? A theory suggesting that depression and mania are due to alterations in the concentrations of neuronal and synaptic amines, primarily the catecholamines dopamine and norepinephrine, and the indolamines serotonin and histamine
What is bipolar disorder? a major psychologic disorder characterized by episodes of mania or hypomania, cycling with depression, formerly called manic depressive illness
What is depression? an abnormal emotional state characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, melancholy, dejection, worthlessness, emptiness, and hoplessness that are inappropriate and out of proportion to reality
What is dopamine hypothesis? A theory suggesting that dopamine dysregulation in certain parts of the brain is one of the primary contributing fators to the development of psychotic disorders
What is dyskinesia? a general term for abnormal and distressing involuntary movements
What is dysregulation hypothesis? a theroy that views dipression and affective disorders as caused not simply be decreased or increased catecholamine and serotonin activiy but by failure of the brain to regulate the levels of these neurtransmitters
What is dystonia? a condition of actue muscle spasms that lead to dyskinesias
What is extrapyramidal symptoms? The term for symptoms that arise adjacent to the pyramidal portions of the brain. such symptoms include various motion disorders similar to those in parkinson's disease and are in an AE associated with use of various antipsychotic drugs
What is gamma aminobutyic acid? An amino acid in the brain that functions to inhibit nerve transmission in the CNS
What is hypomania? a less severe and less potentially hazardous form of mania
What is mania? an acute illness characterized by an expansive emotional state, including extreme excitement, elation, hyperactivity, talk, flight of ideas, lower attention span, sometimes violent
What is neuroleptic malignant syndrome? an uncommon but serious AE associated with the use of antipsychotic drugs and characterized by symptoms such as fever, CVD, myoglobinemia
What are neurotransmitters? Endogenous chemicals in the body that serve to conduct nerve impulses between nerve cells
What is permissive hypothesis? a theory postulation that reduced concentrations of serotonin are the predisposing factors in individuals with affective disorders
What is psychosis? a type of serious mental illness that can take different forms and is associated with being truly out of touch with reality
What is psychotherapeutics? the treatment of emotional and mental disorders
What is psychotropic? capable of affecting mental processes, usually said of a medication
What is serotonin syndrome? a collection of symptoms resulting from excessive activity of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain; may occur with the use of any psychotropic drug
What is stigma? widespread negative perceptions of and prejudice toward a specific group of people such as those with mental illness
What is tardive dyskinesia? a serious drug AE chracterized by abnormal and distressing involuntary body movements and muscle tension
What is xanax? used as an anxiolytic, for panic disorder
What is valium? used to be the most commonly prescribed benzodiazepines, but has been replaced by a shorter acting, for relief of anxiety, management of alcohol withdrawal, reversal of status epilepticus, preoperative sedation, and for the relieve of muscle spasms
What is ativan? intermediate acting benzodiazepine, for agitated pt's, treat alcohol withdrawl
What is psychosis? major emotional disorder that ipairs mental function
Affective disorders are? emotional disorders
Situational anxiety arises in response to? specific life events
What do benzodiazepens treat? anxiety
What is SSRI? selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, treat antidepressent
In caring for a pt experiencing alchol withdrawal, the nurse knows that which mediaction or medication class is most likely to be ordered as treatment for what condition? Benzodiazepines
Pt teaching for a pt receiving an MAOI wound include obstructions to the pt to avoid which food product? Swiss cheese
After a pt has been treated for depression for 4 weeks, the nurse calls that pt to schedule a follow up visist. what concern should the nurse know to look for during the conversation with the pt? Suicidal ideations
The nurse is caring for a pt who has been taking clozapine for 2 months. which lab tests should be performed regularly while the pt is taking this med? WBC count
The nurse is giving medications to a pt, which drug when administered with lithium, increases the risk for lithium toxicity? Thiazides
Created by: alicia.rennaker