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Vikings 100

Did Eric the Red get banished from Iceland? Yes, because he killed a guy
This ship could travel in 1 meter deep? Drakkar
When building the sail who’s responsibility was it? The women
What were ships mostly made out off? From wool of sheep
What were the Vikings longships made of? 100% Oak
Why didn’t Eric the red go on the journey with Leif? On the way to the dock his horse threw him and he thought that was a bad omen
Who tells Leif to bring Christianity to Greenland? King Olaf
How did trade start between Norway and Greenland? Lief talked to King Olaf about Christianity
Who was the first European to die in the New World? Throwald
Germanic tribe lived in Scandinavia and what other countries? Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
What were the Vikings? They were farmers, hunters, herders, skilled seamen
Where did the Vikings originated at? With a pirate center located in southern Norway
What expressions did the Vikings use? “Go a-viking”
When did they use their expression? Whenever they referred to exploits in other lands that equated to fighting as a pirate or warrior.
When the vast population explosion in Scandinavia happened what did they need? They needed land and food
Where did they establish themselves? On the Faeroe islands, north of Scotland
When they were went out on their exportation westward what did they uncover? They uncovered Iceland
What three countries did they invade? Northern England, France, and Russia
When the Vikings ventured westward where did they explore? They explored the north atlantic ocean and north America
What was the international ‘gold standard’ in trading? Ivory
Who was the one that told Eric the Red that some of the islands layed west of Iceland? it was Gunnbjorn Oflsson
Gunnbjorn Oflsson found them while looking for what? While he was looking for better hunting grounds for Walrus
Where was Eric the Red born? In Norway
Who killed a man and was banished? Thorvald (Eric the reds father)
What did the Vikings hunt the walrus for? For their ivory tusks
Who was the first person to spot Greenland? Gunnbjorn Olfsson
Who was the first to spot north America? Bjarni Herjolsson
Who was the first European born in north America? Snorri
Who brought Christianity to Greenland in 1000 A.D.? Leif Erickson
What was the first accorded raid by the Vikings into England in 793 A.D.? Lindesfarne Monastey
Created by: SS7-4