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63 - Wenham 31

Exercise B

And the scribes must take the fish... Και δει τους γραμματεις λαβειν τους ιχθυας...
...out of the water for the priests ...εκ του ύδατος τοις ίερευσιν.
by [But] his faith ... τή δε πιστει αυτου...
...he will open the ears of her father. ...ανοιξει τα ωτα του πατρος αυτης.
And they were marvelling (wondering) that , with the high priest, he had been talking. Και εθαυμαζον ότι μετα του αρχιερεως ελαλει.
the [For] men said that they had seen the daughter of the king. οί γαρ ανδρες ειπον ότι ειδον την θυγατερα του βασιλεως.
In the resurrection, whose / will she be / wife? εν τή αναστασει τίνος εσται γυνη;
And my knowledge of the mystery ... ή δε γνωσις μου του μυστηριου ... came by (according to ) revelation. ...ηλθεν κατ' αποκαλυψιν.
the [But] / of men / traditions... αί δε των ανθρωπων παραδοσεις...
...they will not bring the forgiveness of sins. ...ουκ αξουσιν την αφεσιν των άμαρτιων.
Did you (pl) not know the power and the grace of God? ουκ εγνωτε την δυναμιν και την χaριν του Θεου;
our [For] fathers used to abound in faith and knowledge. οί γαρ πατερες ήμων επερισσευον εν πιστει και εν γνωσει.
And they will persecute you (pl) from city to city. Και διωξουσιν ύμας απο πολεως εις πολιν.
their [But] conscience is weak. αί δε συνειδησεις αυτων ήσαν ασθενεις.
the [But] faithful (man) does not come into judgment. ό δε πιστος ουκ ερχεται εις κρισιν.
Created by: Koine Greek



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