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Emergency MR

McGraw-Hill Emergency Medical Responder 2nd Edition CH 9

Before administering any medication, you must assess the patient's physical status True
Before administering any medication, you must obtain a drug history from the patient True
Before administering any medication, you must obtain permision to administer the medication from medical direction True
A drug's effect that usually occurs in a limited part of the body is known as what? A local effect
Oxygen is an example of what type of drug form? Gas
A drug's mechanism of action is what? How a drug exerts its effect on body cells and tissues
AN autoinjector delivers medication via which route? Intramuscular
When is an emergency responder permitted to administer a nerve agent autoinjector? When there is an indication that you or your partner have been affected by nerve agent poisoning and you have been authorized by medical direction
List five adverse effects of epinephrine administration Rapid heart rate, anxiety, vomitting or nausea, headache, dizziness
Drugs given by means of a needle inserted underneath the skin into the subcutaneous tissue via which route Subcutaneous
Drugs given under the tongue sublingual
The study of drugs or medications and their effect on living systems Pharmacology
Substance that neutralizes a poison antidote
Chemical weapons that interrupt nerve signals, causing a loss of consciousness within seconds and death within minutes of exposure Nerve agents
The condition(s) for which the drug has documented usefulness Indications
The amount of the drug that should be given to the patient Dose
The route and form in which the drug should be given to the patient Route of administration
Condition(s) for which a drug should not be used because it may cause harm to the patient or offer no improvement of the patient's condition or illness Contraindications
Undesired effects of a drug Adverse effects
Clear liquid made with alcohol, water, flavors, or sweeteners Elixir
Alcohol solution prepared from an animal or vegetable drug or chemical substance Tincture
Liquid preparation of one or more chemical substances, usually dissolved in water Solution
Oval-shaped tablet that has a film-coated covering Caplet
Small gelatin container containing a medication dose in powder or granule form Capsule
Small gelatin container containing a liquid medication dose Gelcap
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