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Food science test 1

Where is cryptosporidium most commonly linked to? Well water
what foods is campylobacter associated with? raw foods, raw dairy and poultry
What is cyclospora associated with? usually contaminated waste water
What organ is damaged by ecoli? kidney
what organ is damaged by hep a? liver
characteristics of functional food health benefit, anti aging properties, brain health, heart health
define organic products produced under the authority of the Organic Foods Production Act
organic labeling requires 95-100% organic products
label made with organic requires how much organic product? 70-95%
who regulates food additives? USDA meats and dairy FDA all other foods, department of commerce for fish
What are standards of identity? standardized foods with minimum and maximum fuel content (fat) such as milk, cream, cheese, frozen vegetables
nutrient content claim characteristics low, free, reduced, lite
health claim link a nutrient to cure a disease
what is food science? study of physical (engineering), chemical, biological and nutritional properties of foods and the factors affecting them and their effects upon the sensory, nutrient, storage properties and safety of foods.
Created by: chelsea.adams