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Hospital #1

Chinese 3: Lesson 15

医院 yī yuàn: hospital
看病 kan bing: to see patient
bing: illness
病人 bing ren: patient
肚子 du zi: belly
疼死 teng si: to really hurt
teng: aching
si: to die
夜里 ye li: at night
好几 hao ji: quite a few
厕所 ce suo: restroom
ba: (indicating a thing is disposed of)
冰箱 bing xiang: refridgerator
发烧 fa shao: fever
躺下 tang xia: to lie down
tang: to lie
检查 jian cha: to examine
吃坏 chi huai: to get sick because of eating something bad
huai: bad
打针 da zhen: to get a shot
zhen: needle
yao: medicine
pian: (measure word for tablet; slice)
bian: (measure word for complete courses of an action or instances of an action)
最好 zui hao: had better
小时 xiao shi: hour
办法 ban fa: method; way of doing something
不懂 bu dong: not understand
zhi: only
Created by: lilterrorizer134