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Ms Sinclair chapter7

on 02/10/11

What is Evolution? The gradual change in a species over time
What is Natural Selection? The process by which individuals that are better adapted to their enviroment are more likely to survive and reproduce than other members of the same species
What are 3 factors that affect natural selection? Overproduction Competition Variations
What is a fact? A natural phenomenon repeatedly confirmed by observation
What is a Theory? A well-substained explanation of some aspect of the natural world that typically incorporates many confirmed observations, laws, and succesfully verified hypothesis
What in a hypothesis? a possible and testable statement about a natural phenomanon
What 4 features do all tetrapods have in common? four limbs a backbone with spurs a pelvis attached to the backbone nosterals
What are 2 factors that effect evolution? Genetic mutation Changes in the enviroment
What is the Theory of Natural Selection? "survival of the fittest"- best adapted will survive, thrive, and pass on its genes when it reproduces
When does a species become extinict? when no members of that species are still alive
How could a sudden change in a species habitat cause the species extinction? If the enviroment changes quickly, animals wouldn't be able to eat the same things, or live in the same places.
What is the study of similarities in body structure called? Comparitive anatomy
How do similarities in DNA and protiens provide evidence of an evolutionary relationship between 2 species? 2 speicies with similarites in DNA and protiens probably evolved fromt the same ancestor.
predators such as segals and crabs are an enviromental risk to newly hatched sea turtles. Why are some newly hatched turtles better able to survive than others in their enviroment? They probably have a harder shell,and stronger flippers, and are probably faster, smaller and better camoflouged.
Which domainincludes only prokaryotes? Bacteria
Which group of organisms includes only multicellular heterotrophs? Animals
What happens when a species gets geographicly isolated? a new species forms
Which kingdom includes both unicellular and multicelllular organisms? fungi
What are the the factors that affect natural selection? Overproduction variations competition selection enviroment genes
Why do scientists organize living things into groups? so the organisms are easy to study
What is a branching tree? a diagram that shows how scientists think different groups of organisms are related
What is taxonomy? the scientific stufy of how living things are classififed.
What is the role of genes in evolution? without genetic variation, all members of a species would be the same
What does an organism's scientific name consist of? genus species binomial nomenclature
What are the only traits that can be acted upon by natural selection? Traits that are controlled by genes
Who developed the naming system that groups organisms? Carolus Linnaeus
A trait that helps an organism survive is called an __________ adaptation
What is a genus? a classification group that contains similar, closely related organisms
The more classification levels that 2 organisms share, the more _________ they have in common characteristics
How are organisms placed into domains and kingdoms? Their cell type,their ability to make food, and the number of cells in their body
What 4 kingdoms are eukaryotes classified into? Protists, fungi, plants, or animals
What are Prokaryotes? organisms whose cells lack a nucleus
What are Eukeryotes? organisms with cells that contain nuclei
Created by: bebesnuggles18