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MJ Enviroment class

Ms. Jensen's 2nd period Enviromental Class

What's the quantitative dynamics of how species with in a population interact? Population Ecology
Name the three types of the survivor ship curve Type one: More deaths at older age Type two: Equal amount of deaths all ages Type three: More deaths at younger ages
What is Biotic Potential mean? Ability of an organism to produce offspring
What's it called when an individual with a strong interest of the outcome of a decision that results in a gain or loss for that individual? Vested Interest
What ethic states that "Something right produces the most benefits for the most people"? Utility
What is fair/ equitable treatment of all people regarding environmental issues? ex.) Wealthy nations dumping hazardous waste in poorer nations with uniform residents. Environmental Justice
Whats it called when buyer and sellers interact to determine prizes and production of goods and services? Capitalist Market Economy
Created by: kayla.adams1234