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Right and Left CVA

Characteristics of both

What does CVA stand for? Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke)
What is the definision of CVA? Is a stroke which is a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain.
Does a R CVA have communication problems in speaking, understanding, and writing? No
Is a L CVA compulsive? Yes
Is a R CVA impulsive? Yes
Does a L CVA get distracted easily? No
A R CVA person needs what type of feedback in order to perform task? They require feedback that focuses on slowing down activity and checking component parts of the task carefully.
A L CVA person requires what type of feedback in order to perform task? They need frequent and accurate feedback when learning a new activity.
Does a R CVA have higher verbal and lower performance? yes
Does a L CVA have higher performance and lower verbal? yes
If a patient has difficulity in sequencing an activity what type of stroke is it? L CVA
When the patient shows an unilateral perceptual problem like poor body image what type of stroke is it? R CVA
When a person shows a inability to self-correct after having a major stroke what type would it be? R CVA
When a patient shows a bilateral perceptual problems like having a visual field defect what type of stroke would it be? L CVA
Created by: cdelaney2009