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B cell_sloma

BCR on a mature B cell surface bound immunoglobulin(Ig)
generation of B cells PhaseI of Bcell development in bone marrow Bcells acquire functional receptors thru ordered arrangements
elimination of self reactive clones PhaseII of Bcell development in bone marrow Bcells with receptors for self are eliminated
Activation by antigen PhaseIII of Bcell development in secondary lymph (lymph nodes) Mature unstimulated B cells migrate to lymph nodes and enter the recirculating pool of lymphocyes
Differentiation PhaseIV of Bcell development Secondary lymph(lymph nodes) contact with antigen stimulated B cell proliferation and differentiation into plasma cells and memory b cells
surface marker for proB-cell CD19
how many attemps for heavy chain recombination of B cell 2 (because it has 2 copies of HC genes)
wat makes up the pre b cells receptor HC, surrogate LC, Ig alpha, Ig beta
how many attemps does the b cell have to rearrange the LC 4 (2 kappa chains and 2 lambda chains)
wat makes up the mature b cell receptor HC, LC, Ig alpha, Ig beta
what cell presents Ag to B cell for selection of the right Bcell after affinity maturation FOllicular Dendritic cell
Created by: kokila