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science revision

What is the formula for glucose? c6h12o6
what is the word equation for photosynthesis? carbon dioxide + water --> glucose + oxygen
What is missing glucose + _______ --> ______ ______ + Water glucuose + oxygen --> Carbon dioxide + water
what is the green substance needed for photosynthesis ? Chlorophyll
what is glucose turned into in photosynthesis ? starch
what does the xylem do ? carries water and minerals rounmd the plant
what is the function of the cuticle to stop water evapourating
where doe sphotosynthesis take place? palisade cells
what does the gaurd cells do controls what goes in and out of the air space
what does the pholem do carries glucose round the plant
what is the formula for moments f x d
what is the formula for pressure force/area
if there is a weight of 80n with a distance from the pivot 3m what distance would a weight of 50n be away from the pivot 4.8m
what are the units for pressure pascals
what are the units for force newtons
what is the use of roots in a plant to hold the plant in place and to take up nutreints and water from the soil
where i nthe leaf would you expect to find the palisade cells at the top of the leaf
apart from starch and proteins name anothe substance that a plant can make from glucose cellulose
in plants when does respiration occur all the time but mkostly at night
what colour would you expect to see if a potatoe was tested with iodine solution black/blue
Created by: meg..xx