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Vocab 5

Japanese For College Students Vol.1 Lesson 5 Vocab

English Meaningromanji
to live seekatsusuru, seekatsushimasu
spacious, roomy hirui
small, narrow semai
new atarashii
old furui
high, expensive takai
cheap yasui
low hikui
interesting omoshiroi
dull, boring, tedious tsumaranai
big o(o)kii
small chiisai
clear, bright akarui
dark kurai
difficult, hard muzukashii
easy, gentle, kind yasashii
delicious oishii
dirty, unclean kitanai
hot atsui
red akai
white shiroi
black kuroi
many, lots of o(o)i
few sukunai
tall (of a person) segatakai
short (of a person) segahikui
quiet shizuka (AN)
pretty, beautiful, clean kiree (AN)
convenient beNri (AN)
inconvenient fubeN (AN)
disagreeable, unpleasant, distasteful iya (AN)
kind shiNsetsu (AN)
simple, easy kaNtaN (AN)
safe, secure aNzeN (AN)
work, job shigoto
rent yachiN
car kuruma
hamburger haNbaagaa (k.)
food tabemono
weather teNki
telephone number deNwabaNgoo
building tatemono
window mado
life, living seekatsu
things, goods mono
Thai (language) taigo (k.)
air kuuki
traffic, transportation kootsuu
means of transportation norimono
bullet train shiNkaNseN
very totemo
how doo
what kind of doNna
also, moreover, besides, what's more soreni
but demo
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