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Pharmacology chp 1

1906 what Act was established? Pure Food and Drug Act
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was established in what year? 1938
What does M.A.R. refer to? Medication Administration Record
What is the definition of a disease? Abnormal Symptoms (dis-ease)
What is the state of normalcy/ balance refer to? Homeostasis
Disorder Abnormality of function
Symptoms caused by a specific disease Syndrome
Pathology Study of diseases
Pathogens Micro-organisms or agents that cause disease
Pathologic Caused by disease process
Description of how particular disease progresses Pathogenesis
Etiology The cause of the disease
Idiopathic Unknown Cause
Iatrogenic problem related to treatment
Nosocomial Acquired from hospital environment
What are the predisposing factors Age, Sex, Environment, Lifestyle, Heredity
What are the skills used by a physician -Auscultation- Listen -Palpation- Touching -Percussion- Tap
Diagnosis the identification or naming of a disease.
Signs they are observable and measurable unlike symptoms.
Hereditary disease that are present at birth even if they are not apparent. Congenital Disease
What is Triage Where Patients are assessed according to signs, symptoms and medical history.
What is the ABC prioritizing method A for Airway; B for Breathing; C for Cardiac Function.
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