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Street Law Chapt15


a probation officer's written report that gives the sentencing judge information about the defendant's background and prospects for rehabilitation presentence report
punishment given as a kind of revenge for wrongdoing retribution
measures taken to discourage criminal actions; usually some form of punishment; it is the belief that punishment will discourage the offender from committing further crimes and will serve as an example to keep others from committing crimes deterrence
the process through which a convicted person is changed or reformed, in order to lead a productive life rather than commit another crime rehabilitation
a reason for criminal punishment that stresses keeping a convicted person confined to protect society incapacitation
release from prison before the full sentence has been served, granted at the discretion of a parole board parole
the death penalty; putting a convicted person to death as punishment for a crime capital punishment
factors that tend to increase the seriousness of an offense; the presence of such circumstances must be considered by the judge and jury aggravating circumstances
factors that tend to lessen the seriousness of an offense; the presence of these factors must be considered by the judge or jury mitigating circumstances
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