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Street Law Chapt11


a Latin word meaning "elsewhere"; an excuse or plea that a person was somewhere else at the time a crime was committed alibi
biological evidence, derived from testing samples of human tissues and fluids, that genetically links an offender to a crime DNA evidence
the legal defense of a person considered not yet legally responsible for his or her actions; the time before which a person becomes entitled to the legal rights and responsibilities normally held by citizens infancy
a state of drunkenness or similar condition created by the use of drugs or alcohol intoxication
defense raised by a criminal defendant stating that because of mental disease or defect, the defendant should not be held responsible for the crime committed insanity defense
an act by law enforcement officials to persuade a person to commit a crime that the person would not otherwise have committed; if this is proven, this is a valid defense to a criminal charge entrapment
unlawful pressure on a person to do something that he or she would not otherwise do; this may be a defense to a criminal charge duress
a defense to a criminal charge that shows a just or lawful reason for the defendant's conduct necessity
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