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geo ch. 11

finish starting at natural resources coal

What is bilingual people who speak two languages
what is a colony a territory inhabited and controlled by people from a foreign land
what is a megalopolis a string of large cities that have grown together
what is the continental divide an area of high ground that divides the flow of rivers toward opposite ends of a continent
what is a plantation a large farm that grows mainly one crop
what is the largest fresh water lake system in the world the great lakes
what kind of volcanoes make up most of the cascade range dormant
what has made the Appalachian Mountains relatively low millions of years of erosion
Which two states border no other states and are no part of mainland U.S.? Hawaii and Alaska
What mountain range are the main mountain range in the east Appalachian Mountains
which mountains are the main mountains in the west that goes from New Mexico and through canada? Rocky Mountains
What is the highest mountain in the U.s. Mount McKinley- Alaska
Which Volcano in Oregon erupted in 1980 blowing part of the mountains peak off Mount st. Helen
How large is the U.s compared to other countries in the world third largest
what are examples of the U.s. physical features piedmonts, great lakes, great plains, etc
How large is Chicago compared to other cities in the Us third largest city
what area of the us has the most productive farming midwest
what are examples of us natural resources oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, forests
why is coal important to U.S. natural resources it supplies energy for more than half of the U.S. electricity, is a major export, is mined in the Appalachian Mountains
Silt from what provides fertile soil for farming rivers
From where to where produces most of the corn in the U.S. Ohio to Nebraska
what state is the country's major dairy producer Wisconsin
What makes Hawaii a major producer of pineapples soil and mild climates
Where are oil refineries and petrochemical plants located in the south
trade with canada is made easy by use of what the Great Lakes
When was NAFTA signed and what did it do 1192 it made trade easier between us mexico and canada
what city is the nations largest automotive producer Detroit
what makes the us a superpower the us economy and military power
tacos, pasta, and sushi are examples of what influence of other countries within the us
Hollywood, located in Las Angelas CA, is the nation what capital entertainment
7 out of 10 are what discent European
Europeans began to settle in north america when 1500s
what seaports were among the first cities to settle Boston and New York
What does the Declaration of Independence state that all men are equal
When did state delegates gather in Philadelphia gather to create the US constitution September 17, 1787
What did many pioneers travel as far as 2000 miles in search of land and gold the Oregon trail
After what was the us recognized as an independent nation by britain after defeating the british at yorktown
what was launched on 9-11-01 in New York city in an attempt to disrupt the us economy terrorist attack
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