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Latin Grammar Lvl 4

Latin Grammar for LNST Level 4

Syllables: e pis(3) tu(2) la(1) 1. Ultima 2. Penult 3. Antepenult
A latin word has as many syllables as it has what? vowels or diphthongs
What three letters, if last in a word, usually keep the vowel before that final letter short? m r t
Nouns that end with -i in the genitive singular belong to which declension? the second declension
Nouns that end with -ae in the genitive singular belong to which declension? the first declension
First Conjugation Present Active Indicative amo I like amamus we like amas you (sing)like amatis you(pl)like amat he (she,it)likes amant they like
In most fifth declension words, when the vowel -e- comes after another vowel, does it have a macron? yes
second declension (singular) ludus the school ludi of the school ludo to (or for) the school ludum the school in ludo in the school
first declension (singluar) cura the care curae of the care curae to (or for) the care curam the care cum cura with care
first declension (plural) curae the cares curarum of the cares curis to (or for) the cares curas the cares cum curis with cares
principal parts of amo amo amare amavi amatum
When is a syllable long by nature? When it contains a long vowel or a diphthong.
On words having two syllables, which syllable is accented? the penult
When is a syllable long by position? When its vowel is followed by two or more consonants or by a double consonant (x or z)
On words having three syllables and having a short penult, which syllable is accented? the antepenult
On words having three syllables and having a long penult, which syllable is accented? the penult
A vowel always has a macron before what letters? -ns
A vowel never has a macron before what letters? -nt
second declension (plural) ludi the schools ludorum of the schools ludis to (or for) the schools ludos the schools in ludis in the schools
second declension -ius (plural) gladii the swords gladiorum of the swords gladiis to (or for) the swords gladios the swords gladiis with the swords
second declension -ius (singular) gladius the sword gladi of the sword gladio to (or for) the sword gladium the sword gladio with the sword
the being verb present indicative sum I am es you (sing) are est he (she,it) is, there is sumus we are estis you (pl) are sunt they are, there are
second declension neuter (singular) caelum the sky caeli of the sky caelo to (or for) the sky caelum the sky in caelo in the sky
second declension neuter (plural) caela the skies caelorum of the skies caelis to (or for) the skies caela the skies in caelis in the skies
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