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aegrotus invalid
annus year
auctoritas authority
balneum bath
calliditas cleverness
dignitias dignity
fons fountain
hora hour
hostis enemy
mandatum instruction
modus manner
morbus illness
mos custom
officium duty
oppidum town
periculum danger
populus people
pretium price
procurator manager
prudentia intelligence
risus smile
venenum poison
dignus worthy
infelix unlucky
peritus skillful
plenus full
sapiens wise
durus hash, hard
gravis heavy, serious
sanus well, healthy
nonnullii some
occupatus busy
propono propose
adiuvo helps
iubeo order
ascendo climb,rise
desino end,cease
do give
prohibeo prohibit
celo hide
colo seek favor for
officio carry out, accomplish
suscipio take on
extruo build
deicio down,throw
adsto stand by
mando orders
confido trust
reddo giveback make
extraho drag out pull out
impono impose
preabeo provide
umquam ever
rursus again
hinc from here
nuper recently
unde from where
quotiens whenever
sic thus, in this way
igitur therefore, and so
non ausim i would not dare
ita vero yes
minime no
circum around
a,ab from,by
agna lamb
cure care
facinus crime
grnu knee
numerus number
regnum kingdome
ultio revenge
venia mercy
adhuc until now
aperte openly
enim for
talis such
tamquam as,like
umquam ever
magnopere greatly
magis more,rather
maxime very greatly/much, most of all
amarus bitter
clarus famous
conspicatus caught sight of
immotus still,motionless
lividus lead colored
locutus having spoken
passus having suffered
ptens powerful
preatextus with a purple border
pravus evil
regressus having returned
res huiuh modi a matter of this kind
aufero take away,steal
contemno reject
decipio decieve,trick
eicio throw out
eligo choose
erro make a mistake
fundo pour
iacto throw
incipio begin
inicio throw in
insum be inside
ludo play
mollio soothe
moneo warn
occido kill
occurro meet
parco spare
vito avoid
inquam isaid
adipiscor reviece
conspicor caught sight of
egredior go out
ingredior enter
loquor speak
precor pray (to)
regredior go back,return
alea dice
bellum war
bracchium arm
caelum sky, heaven
colloquium talk chat
exitium ruin, destruction
hostis enemy
humus ground
-humi on the ground
imprecatio curse
lacertus muscle
lacrima cry week
legatus commander
matrimonium marriage
momentum importance
suspirium heart throb
tenebrae darkness
verbum word
verum truth
vestimentum clothes
virtus courage
autem but
avide eagerly
nimis too
quo modo how? in what way?
nam for
tandem at last
tamen however
clemens merciful
dirus dreadful,awful
aures gold
molestus troublesom
quantus how big
qualis what sort of
tardus late
tutus safe
parvus small
adsto stand by
cogito consider, think
comprehendo arrest, seize
descendo go down, come down
desero desert
destringo draw out, draw, pull out
diligo be fond of
egredior go out
elabor escape
eo go
gero wear
infero bring in/on/against
oppugno attack
patefacio reveal
patior suffer,endure
preatereo pass by, go past
transeo cross
carcer prison
dies day
eques horseman
flumen river
fuga thief robbery
palus stake, pst
pons bridge
potestas power
reditus return
ripa river band
verum truth
altus high
audax bold daring
fidus loyal
inclusus shut up, imprisoned
tristis sad
ultimus furthest
neque neither/nor
interea meanwhile
magnopere greatly
maxime greatly
nusquam nowhere
omnino completely
tantum only
tum then
accido happen
aperio open
cogo force
consisto stand one's ground, stand firm
depono put down,take off
explico explain
hawsito hesitate
lawdeo harm
lateo lie hidden
pareo obey
relinquo leave
vincio conqueur
castra military camp
captivus prisoner
statio post
lucerna lamp
conspectus sight
tectum ceiling,roof
legio legion
nomen name
os gace
poena punishment
testis witness
ira anger
spes nap
his here
autem but
aliquis someone
cuius who which what
ambo both
poenas dare pay the penalty
di immortales heavens above
ignarus not knowing
permotus alarmed
inultus unavenged
vivus alice
furens furious
immemor forgetful
scelestus wicked
suavis sweet
accuso accuse
augero take away
augeo increase
colligo gather
constituo decide
doceo teach
guadeo be pleased
hortor encourage
instruo draw up, set up
occupo seize, take over
oportet be right
opprimo crush
proficiscor set out
preabeo provide
purgo clean
refero being back, carry
volvo turn
animus spirit
adventus arrival
arma arms,weapons
cohors cohort
facinus crime
fides loyalty
opes money wealth
perfidia treachery
tempus time
studium enthusiasm
quies rest
principia headquarters
victoria victory
num whether
qout how many
si if
sane obviously
sualidus covered with dirt, filthy
vester your
prudens shrewd
talis such as
caecus blind
malus evil,bad
falsus false
insanus crazy insane
ultimus furthest
saevus savage
commotus moved, upset, affected
alius another,else
me oportet i must
affero bring
appareo appear
ardeo burn
contineo contain
decet be proper
eripio snatch, tear
quadeo be pleased
impero order, comand
incendo burn,set fire to
malo prefer
noceo hurt
occurro meet
oro beg
praeficio put charge to
proscipio look out
reduco lead back
subvenio help, come to help
taedet be tiring
transcendo climb over
aditus entrance
adventus arrival
causua reason,cause
vertamen strugggle, contest
comes comrade
exilium exile
fax torch
granum grain
insidiae trap, ambush
iocus joke
iussum order
manus hand, band
osculum kiss
preamium prize
solacium comfort
strepitus noise,din
vallum embarkment
vicus town
tacitus quiet
sextus six
primus first
angustus narrow
proximus nearest, next to
brevis short brief
preaceps headlong, rash
tantus so great
me decet i ought
me taedet i am tired
adeo approach
antea before
qualis wat sort of
sub under
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