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Freshwater Pollution

Science Freshwater Pollution

What is pollution? a. Point and non point resources b. Effects of pollutants
What and where are human waste? a.sewage in cities b.sewage in rural areas
What is made up of Industrial waste? a.chemicals b.smoke and exhaust c.heat pollution
Where does chemical runoff come from? a.runoff from farms b.runoff from roads
What are some water pollution solution? a.cleanup b.pollution solutions
Fill in the blanks: The addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water or the living things that depend on water is called _____. water pollution
Which sentence is true about water pollution a. it cannot affect surface water. b.it cannot affect groundwater c.it does not result from natural causes a.
True or false: water pollution results from human activities. true
Fill in the blanks: the substance that cause pollution are called ____. pollutants
Is the following sentence true or false? Is is it safe to bathe or swim in polluted water as long you do not drink it. false
What are some types of pollutants found in water? disease-causing organism,pesticides and fertilizers,industrial chemicals, metals,radioactive waste, petroleum products
What is the difference between a point source of water pollution? the pipe is a point source, a specific source of pollution that can be identified and the non-point source is opposite
Fill in the blanks: chemicals intended to kill insects and other organisms that damage crops called ____. pesticides
List the three major sources of water pollution. a. human waste b. industrial waste c. chemical runoff
How can a flood cause polluted surface water? sanitary sewers sometimes overflow and run into storm sewers
Is the following problem true or false? Disposing of human waste is a problem only in big cities? false
What are 3 types of industrial pollutants? a.Chemicals b.Smoke and Exhaust c.Heat pollution
Is this sentence true about toxic chemical wastes from industry? a.Chemical pollution from factories is now controlled by law. yes
Fill in the blanks: Rain that is more acidic than normal is called __. acid rain
Do fish die off because of acid rain? yes
Is groundwater polluted will oil and gasoline because of acid rain? no
Are stone buildings and statues eaten away because of acid rain? yes
Do lakes and rivers become acidic because of acid rain? yes
How could warm water act as a pollutant? Warm water is released by a factory into a nearby river or pond raises the temperature of the water, sometimes enough to harm the living things there.
Is the following sentence true or false? Fertilizers in runoff are a point source of pollution? false
List three pollutants that are found in runoff from roads. a. gasoline b. salt c. oil
Is the following sentence true or false? Road runoff is a non point source of pollution. true
Does this sentence describe a way that polluted fresh water is naturally cleaned? Plants absorb metals and chemicals from lake and pond water yes
Does this sentence describe a way that polluted fresh water is naturally cleaned? Runoff waters from fields dilute the pollution in rivers and lakes. no
Does this sentence describe a way that polluted fresh water is naturally cleaned? Bacteria eat toxic chemicals and oil spills. yes
Does this sentence describe a way that polluted fresh water is naturally cleaned? Plant roots filter larger particles from the water. yes
Is the following sentence true or false? Most pollutants are not very difficult to remove. false
Is the following sentence true or false? It is often easier to avoid causing pollution in the first place tan it is to clean it up. true
Describe some ways that industry and agriculture can help lessen pollution? Farmers are trying to reduce the pollution problem caused by the runoff or animal waste from pastures. Factories cool the water used to cool machinery and it instead of releasing it into a river.
Created by: k123