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EMS System Comm

McGraw- Hill Emergency Care 2nd Edition Chapter 4

FCC Federal Communications Commission -agency regulationg interstate and international communications by radio, TV, wire, satellite, and cable
Interagency Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) coordinating radio use by agencies of the federal government
Emergency Medical Radio Service (EMRS) group of frequencies designated by the FCC exclusively for use of EMS
VHF Very High Frequency
UHF Ultra HIgh Frequency
Simplex System single frequency to transmit and recieve messages
Duplex System radio that uses 2 frequencies to transmit and recieve messages (allowing 2way communication)
Multiplex System Permits simultaneous transmission of voice and other data using one frequency
EMD Emergency Medical Dispatcher
When to notify dispatch recieving the call, responding, arriving at the scene, leaving the scene for the recieving facility, arriving at the facility, leaving the hospital for the station, arriving at the station
Communication with other agencies Organized, Concise, Thorough, and Accurate
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