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Ch 5 Medical Term

McGraw-Hill Emergency Care Second Edition Ch 5

tachy- Fast
U/A Upon Arrival
-rrhage Rapid flow or discharge
algesia Sensitivity to pain
TRX Transport
-ostomy Creation of an opening
-partum Birth /labor
SNT Soft, nontender
a-, an- Without, from, absence of
proximal closer to the midline
sternum Breastbone
-cutane/o Skin
-ictal Siezure, attack
TPR Temp., Pulse, Respiration
carp/o wrist
-itis Inflammation
anti- Against, opposing
gluc/o Sugar
Bilateral Pertaining to both sides
brady- slow
superior above or in a higher position
inferior lower than another
anterior (ventral) front portion of body or body part
posterior (dorsal) back side of body or body part
proximal closer to the midline or center area of the body
distal farther from the midline or center area of the body
midline imaginary line down the center of the body that divides the body into right and left sides
lateral towards the side
medial towards the midline
axilla armpit
bilateral pertaining to both sides
Contralateral opposite side
Ipsilateral same side
Midaxillary Line vertical line drawn from the middle of the armpit parallel to the midline
Midclavicular Line vertical line through the middle portion of the collarbone and nipple, parallel to the midline
Supine laying flat on back facing up
Prone laying flat and face down
Lateral recumbant postion laying on side
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