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SentenceCluesPredictionPart of speechReal DefinitionMy sentence
) In society more and more aware of its manifold cultures and subcultures we have been educated to be familiar and comfortable. State of cultures and being educated on them Manifold- different cultures adj Manifold- adj. Marked by diversity or variety. Milwaukee is said to be a very manifold city.
) Now others blame affluence, or say it has something to do with permissive upbringing. Upbringing Affluence- The way of a persons life style noun Affluence-noun. an abundant flow or supply A very wealthy family has a affluence of money flow.
) Now others blame affluence, or say its has something to do with permissive u The way of upbringing. Blaming. Npbringing.ot something good Permissive- When an adult is careless raising his or her children -adj Permissive-adj. Granted on sufferance In Neeceys lullaby Ruby treated all her children with permissive actions.
It of course goes without saying that economic feasibility limit’s the tether of what can or cannot be done for land. Limits, economic, what can or cant be done Feasibility- Economic structure noun Feasibility-noun. Capable of being done or carried out. The seniors had a large feasibility for a senior prank, knowing they had a graduating class of 700
If of course goes without say that economic feasibility limit’s the tether of what can or cannot be done for land. Limits, of what can or cant be done Tether- results of something noun Tether-noun. The limit of one's strength or resources When Bill Clinton stepped down from office he lost the tether he once held in office.
It didn’t know then what every one knows now about leukemia and various kinds of carcinoma birth defects. Birth defects, cancer Carcinoma- serious birth defects noun Carcinoma-noun. a malignant tumor of epithelial origin Doctors are trying to find a cure for carcinoma.
As I sat on the top of my omnibus , I had a good view of him On top, could see then Omnibus- High seat view around noun Omnibus-noun. A usually automotive public vehicle designed to carry a large number of passengers : BUS I got stuck behind the omnibus trying to get into my elementary parking lot.
Newton traced in them two expressions of a single concept. gravitation: are in that sense his free creation concept, his creation, free Gravitation- an act that is free for everyone Gravitation-noun Gravitation-noun. A force manifested by acceleration toward each other of two free material particles or bodies or of radiant-energy quanta The cars produced gravitation as they accelerated during the race.
Today I hear bilingual educators say that children lose degree of “individuality” by becoming assimilated into public society. Educators of some degree. Bilingual- Highly educated profession or professionals. Bilingual-adj. Bilingual-adj. Having or expressed in two languages Most language majors bilingual during college.
In twenty-three years-an eye blink in our linguistic history-the new little word that evolved from cryptic buss to an automatism. Evolved, grew ? Linguistic- History in the making Linguistic-adj. Linguistic-adj. of or relating to language In the hmong culture they linguistic the American language.
In twenty-three years-an eye blink in our linguistic history-the new little word that evolved from cryptic buss to an automatism. Evolved, words Cryptic- some little words that are un noticeable at times. Cryptic-adj Cryptic-adj. Having or seeming to have a hidden or ambiguous meaning Polly was cryptic when I told her there was nothing wrong.
These inadvertently made beings are caught in twisting web of motive and desire. Beings, meaning people. Inadvertently- not normal people Inadvertently noun Inadvertently noun-not focusing the mind on a matter Most children with Attention Deficit Disorder inadvertently pay attention in school
Mr.Lincoln passing on from this scene to Washington where he was inaugurated , amid armed cavalry, and sharpshooters at every point. Amid, armed , sharpshooters Inaugurated- In way of harm Inaugurated noun Inaugurated noun-to induct into an office with suitable ceremonies I’m not sure of many presidents with inaugurated these days.
However certain implications, always tacitly understood, which gave a more precise meaning to the term. understood, more meaning Implications- trying to understand something, give more meaning Implications- noun Implications- noun-the act of implying : the state of being Ray gave many implications that he was okay.
)However certain implications, always tacitly understood, which gave a more precise meaning to the term. a way of understanding Tacitly- a rude way of understanding something. Tacitly-adj Tacitly-adj- expressed or carried on without words or speech The tacitly way my mother scolds me rarely last very long.
However certain implications, always tacitly understood, which gave a more precise meaning to the term. meaning to something. Precise- A good meaning to an important topic. Precise-adj Precise-adj- exactly or sharply defined or stated The doctor sounded very precise when he told me only to take my medications once a day.
Profit by segregation have become insensitive to the problems of the masses. Profit of some sort. Insensitive- being unfair about a problem Insensitive- adj Insensitive- adj. lacking feeling or tact My aunt was insensitive about the funeral.
This point has been put trenchantly in a fable by Karl Popper At a point? Trenchantly- Something bad Trenchantly-adj Trenchantly-adj. Keen or sharp. The army has to be trenchantly awake during the war.
This point has been put trenchantly in a fable by Karl Popper. At a point? Fable- sticky situation Fable-noun Fable-noun. a fictitious narrative or statement Many old time stories my grandparents told me were fables.
While these results fit well with the prevalence of risky behavior. Result of. Fit well with. Prevalence- Saw something Prevalence-noun Prevalence-noun- Powerful or dominate. Men were thought to be prevalence to women to earlier years.
Three patterns, then, emerge in our misestimates Emerge, guess or think Misestimates- To give an educated guess. Misestimates-prefix- Misestimates-prefix- badly : wrongly Many children set up for adoption have been Misestimates
And all this risk has been seen against a background of mortality from cause of outside human control. People doing something inhuman like Morality- Someone teaching moals Morality-noun Morality-noun. a literary or other imaginative work teaching a moral lesson Community service teaches you morality of other peoples living conditions.
And excise more or less scrupulously and buckle up religiously, I am obsessed with immortality On set schedule Scrupulously- Doing things at the same time every day. Scrupulously-adj .Scrupulously-adj. having moral integrity : acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper Most priest have high scrupulously to there god above.
The criticisms inductivism are certainly valid and I welcome its dethroning during the past thirty years Valid, “de” taking away something Dethroning- Taking someone off of royalty Dethroning-transitive verb. Dethroning-transitive verb. to remove from a throne or place of power or prominence I king was beheaded and dethroned.
) Inductivism also depicted science as a heartless, almost inhuman discipline. Heartless, inhuman Depicted- Brought less worth to mean Depicted- transitive verb Depicted- transitive verb. to represent by or as if by a picture Since I am away at college my mother depicted many pictures to show people what I look like.
Created by: PiotrowskiCRT