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science 30

Basic physic terms and questions

What is Uniform Motion? Constant velocity( No acceleration)
What is Uniform Acceleration? when your speed changes when you move.
In a graph, a horizontal line indicates what slope? zero
In a graph what is the slope of a verticle line? undefined
What is the formula for velocity? V= df-di/ tf-ti
How do you aquire slope? slope=rise/ run
Why are units so important? 1. They allow you to communicate what type of quantity you are dealing with 2. They standardize quantities
What is the base units for units? T G M k h da BASE dc u n p f
What is absolute cell reference? a reference to a particular cell in a spreadsheet
what is acceleration? make quicker
what is accuracy? how the close the measurement is to the appropriate measurement
what is an active cell? the cell of the spreadsheet that you place data into
what is an acute angle? an angle whose measure is less than 90 degrees
what is a albraic equation? a mathematical equation that contains at least one variable
what is altitude? the perpendicular distance from the base of the figure to the opposite side or vertex
What is the amount of the investment? the value of the principal plus the interest
What is the annuity? a series of regular equal payments
What is an arc? part of the circumferenceof a circl
What is a bar graph? a graph that displays data using horizontal or verticle bars
What is the base? the side of the polygon or the face of the solid
What is a bias? an emphasis on charecteristics that are not typical
what is a bisect? to divide into two equal parts
What is a broken line graph? a graph that displays data by using points that are joined by segments
what is a budget? a written plan on where to spend a given amount of money usually over a month
What is calibration? to determine the scale of any instrument
What is a canopy? the umbella like supporting surface of a parachute
What is a cell? a location in a spread sheet into which data can be entered
What is a cell reference? the name of a cell ex. B4
What is a chord of a circle? a line segment whose endpoints lie on a circle
What is a circle graph? a diagram that uses part of a circle to display data
What is the circumfererence? The distance around a circle
What are colinear points? points that lie on the same line
What is a compound graph? the graph obtained when more than one graph is drawn on a grid
What is a concave polygon? A polygon with one or more interior angles greater than 180
What is a cone? A solid formed by the circular region
what is a constant? a particular or fixed number
What is continuous data? data that can assume any value without a break
What is a convex polygon? a polygon with all interior angles less then 180
What are coordinate axes? the horizontal and verticle number lines on a grid
What is the diagonal? a lin that joins two vertices of a figure
Created by: classclown05