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Separating Mixtures

test review

Pure Substance have only one kind of particle in them
5 ways to separate mixtures evaporation,distillation, chromatography,Filtration, Fractional distillation
In evaporation, what do we get back from the mixture the solute
Solute The part of a solution that gets dissolved
Solvent The part of the solution that does the dissolving
In distillation, what do we get back from the mixture the solvent
Distillation Boil and evaporate the water, capture the steam and cool it so it condenses back into a liquid
A solar still uses sunlight to distill water
What is the filtrate The substance that passes through a filter
What is the residue The substance that does not pass through the filter.
How does salt change the properties of water It lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point.
Why do we add salt to ice The salt melts the ice because it lowers the freezing point.
How do they separate oil into it’s pure parts Fractional Distillation
What are four parts that can be separated from oil Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, furnace oil, jet fuel, wax, tar, ashphalt
What is a petrochemical Any chemical made from oil – there are over 500,000
What does WHMIS stand for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
What is WHMIS used for To protect us from dangerous materials
How many WHMIS symbols are there eight
An example of a petrochemical is? Plastic, polyester, rubber
What does M.S.D.S stand for? Materials Safety Data Sheet
Created by: devon science