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Chpt 10 vocab


people who take extreme political positions. Radicals
Adams had appointed as many Fedralists as he could between the election of 1800 and Jefferson's inauguration. Judiciary Act of 1801
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall
one of the most important decisions of the Marshall Court. Marbury VS. Madison
thie principle states that the Supreme Court has the final say in interprenting the Constitution. Judicial Review
contradicted the law of the constituion Unconstitutional
was approved for $15 million. Lousiana Purchase
lead an expedition Merwither Lewis
also lead and expedition west William Clark
the two adventurers soon became know as this Lewis and Clark expedition
was a Shoshone woman whose language, skills, and knowledge of geography were helpful on the Lewis and Clark expedition Sacagewea
his mission was to find the source of the Arkansas River and the Red River. Zebulon Pike
kidnapping of American sailors to work on British ships Impressment
A law passed where American ships were no longer allowed to sail in foreign parts. Embargo Act of 1807
a Shawnee chief who vowed to stop the loss of Native American Land Tecumseh
People who wanted war with the British War Hawks
an expierenced officer took charge of and infant fleet Oliver Hazard Perry
Britissh forces defeated the Americans here. Battle of the Thames
The creator of the National Anthem Francis Scott Key
a treaty that ended the war of 1812-14 Treaty og Ghent
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