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Emergency MR

McGraw-Hill Emergency Medical Responder 2nd Edition CH 4

Global Positioning System Technology that uses a system of satellites and receiving devices to compute the receiver's geographic position on the Earth
Public Safety Answering Point A facility equipped and staffed to receive and control 9-1-1 access calls
Mobile two-way radio A vehicular-mounted communication device that usually transmits at a lower power than do base stations
Portable radio A handheld communication device used for radio communication away from the emergency vehicle
Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) A computer system that aids dispatch personnel in handling and prioritizing emergency calls
Band A group of radio frequencies close together
Repeater A device that receives a transmission from a low-power portable or mobile radio on one frequency and then retransmits it at a higher power on another frequency so that it can be received at a distant location
Mobile data computer A computer mounted in an emergency vehicle that displays information pertaining to the calls for which EMS personnel are dispatched
Base station A transmitter/receiver at a stationary site such as a hospital, mountaintop, or public safety agency
Multiplex system A mode of radio transmission that permits simultaneous transmission of voice and other data using one frequency
Transmitter A device that sends out data on a given radio frequency
Federal Communications Commission The U.S. government agency responsible for regulation of interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable
Created by: AAllegretto