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Emergency MR

McGraw-Hill Emergency Medical Responder 2nd Edition CH 2

Terminal illness An illness or injury for which there is no reasonable expectation of recovery
Physical well-being A component of wellness
Do not resuscitate order A written physician order that instructs medical professionals not to provide medical care to a patient who has experienced a cardiopulmonary arrest
Pathogens Germs capable of producing disease
Stress A chemical, physical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension
Airborne disease An infection spread by droplets produced by coughing or sneezing
Empathy To understand, be aware of, and be sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another
Grief A normal response that helps people cope with the loss of someone or something that had great meaning to them
Rigor mortis The stiffening of body muscles that occurs after death
Communicable disease An infection that can be spread from one person to another
Sleep deprivation A condition caused by disturbances in the amount, quality, and consistency of sleep
Dependent lividity The settling of blood in areas on which the body has been resting
Cumulative stress Repeated exposure to smaller stressors that build up over time
Advance directive A legal document that specifies a person's healthcare wishes when he or she becomes unable to make decisions for him or herself
Exposure Contact with infected blood, body fluids, tissues, or airborne droplets, either directly or indirectly
Cleaning The process of washing a contaminated object with soap and water
Traumatic incident A situation that causes a healthcare provider to experience unusually strong emotions and may interfere with the provider's psychological ability to cope and function immediately or later
Stressor Any event or condition that has the potential to cause bodily or mental tension
Occupational Safety and Health Administration A branch of the federal government responsible for safety in the workplace
Disinfecting Cleaning with chemical solutions such as alcohol or chlorine
Standard precautions Self-protection against all body fluids and substances
Sterilizing Using boiling water, radiation, gas, chemicals, or superheated steam to destroy all the germs on an object
Hazardous material Any substance that causes or may cause adverse effects on the health or safety of employees, the general public, or the environment
Personal protective equipment Specialized clothing or equipment worn by an individual for protection against a hazard
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