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Lesson 24 New Words

New Practical Chinese Reader 2 Textbook

jiuma aunt (wife of mother's brother) 舅妈
jiujiu uncle (mother's brother) 舅舅
nongmin farmer; peasant 农民
dang to serve as; to be 当
shucai vegetable 蔬菜
zhengzai in the process of; in the middle of; (key word of a progressive construction) 正在
wen lu to ask directions (a route) 问路
bianhua change 变化
budan not only 不但
erqie but also; and also 而且
kebu exactly; right; that's just the way it is 可不
xiaohair kid; child 小孩
ditu map 地图
xiang (Prep) towards; to 向
xiang (V) to be alike; to take after 像
shang to be engaged in (work, study, etc.) at a fixed time 上
nianji grade 年级
daxue university; college 大学
xinku hard; toilsome 辛苦
xia yu to rain 下雨
zhong to grow; to plant 种
wenshi greenhouse 温室
shouru income; earnings 收入
qiannian the year before last year 前年
gai to build 盖
zuo (a MW for mountains, buildings and other similar immovable objects) 座
liang (a MW for vehicles) 辆
chengshi city 城市
fangbian convenient 方便
cun village 村
wenhua culture; education; literacy 文化
di low 低
jishu technology; skill 技术
guanli to manage; to administer 管理
Created by: andreakim91
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