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Who did the Harappan people trade with on land and sea routes? Sumerians
What two great world religions originated in India? Hinduism and Buddhism
What river valley is called the cradle of civilization? The Indus River Valley
What feature was common of ancient Indian cities? Advanced drainage systems
Has Harappan writing been deciphered (figured out)? No
What are Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa? Walled cities in the Inus valley
Who had the earliest river civilization in India? Harappans
What similarity existed between Egyptian civilization and Harappan civilization? Pictographic (pictures) writing
Under what leader was India united into a single empire? Chandragupta Maurya
Is Buddhism more egalitarian (believed in equality) than Hinduism? Yes
Who were the Indo-European invaders? The Aryans
Where did the class or caste system of India come from? An earlier class system among the Aryans
By introducing the iron plow and irrigation, the Aryans expanded Indian agriculture and moved the center of its culture east to where? Ganges River Valley
Who was India's first Buddhist monarch? Ashoka
The concept of reincarnation into the next life based upon one's present life is called? Karma
Where did the Indian trade from? The Pacific rim to the Mediterranean Sea
Where did the earliest Chinese civilization begin? Along the Huang He
What was the first Chinese dynasty? the Shang
Who was credited with forming the philosophy of Daoism? Lao Tzu
Who was the first of the great Mongol conquerors? Genghis Khan
When the same family rules a land for generation after generation Dynasty
Who was the first seafarer to have used the compass? Zheng He
Bronze casting was developed in China as an alternative to what? The lost wax method
When did the Zhou Dynasty rule? During the time of Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Siddhartha Gautama
According to legend, who smuggled the secret of silk production to Europe over the silk road? Christian monks
Why did border guards search merchants and travelers on the Silk Road? To keep silk production a secret
Over 600 years separated China's discovery of what from the people in the West? Iron casting
Who completed the conquest of the Song Dynasty and established the Yuan Dynasty Kublai Khan
According to Taoist philosophy, what is the greatest achievement for any person? To find harmony with the way of nature
What foreign invaders overthrew the Song Dynasty? The Mongols
What were the first weapons that used gunpowder? Hand grenades
What was the last of river valley civilization to develop? Huang He
When did Buddhism become part of Chinese civilization? When Buddhists traveled over the Silk Road from India and spread their faith
What term describes the belief in the inherent superiority of one's own ethnic group or culture? Ethnocentrism
What two dynasties were not Chinese but rather foreign invaders Yuan and Qing
Many of the sayings of Confucius were written down by his disciples in what? The Analects
What is the English name for Huang He Yellow River
Porcelain was an advanced form of Chinese ceramics baked at high heat in what? Kilns
The administration of government through departments is called what? Bureaucracy
What is the longest man made structure in the world? The Great Wall
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