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i hate u

conductor a material through which electic current passes easily ex: metal
insulator a material through which electric current does not pass easily ex: glass, plastic, rubber
closed circuit a closed path through which electric current passes
open circuit an open path through which electric current does not flow
Series Circuit a circuit that connects several objects one after another so that the current flows in a single path
Parallel Circuit a circuit that connects several objects in a way that the current for each object has its own path
magnet anything that pulls iron, steel, and certain other metals to it
magnetism the force around a magnet
magnetic field the space arond a magnet where magnetism acts
pole a place on a magnet where magnetism is strongest
compass a small magnet that can turn freely
generator a machine that uses an energy source and a magnet to make electricity
electromagnet a magnet made when an electric current flows through a wire
When two objects have different electric charges, they pull together
Electric current is the flow of negative charges through matter
Every time you turn on a light, you close an open circuit
When you turn off one lamp, all the lights in the room go off. The electric alliances must be connected to a series circuit
If you connect too manny appliances to one circuit, the wires can overheat and cause a fire
Frayed or broken insulation is dangerous because it can cause a fire or electric shock
You hold the south poles of two magnets near each other. The poles will repel each other
If a magnet is allowed to swing freely, the north-seeking pole will point north
When you push the button on a doorbell, you are closing a circuit
As you rub a balloon on your sleeve, it picks up a _____________ charge negative
If you sprinkle tiny pieces of iron over a magnet, the pattern formed shows a magnetic field
Electric generators have huge electromagnets plus a power source
Created by: Guardian21