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Med. Term. Ch. 1


Abate To lessen, decrease, or cease
Abnormal Pertaining to away from the normal or rule
Abscess A localized collection of pus, which may occur in any part of the body
Acute Sudden, sharp, severe; a disease that has a sudden onset, severe symptoms, and a short course.
Adhesion The process of being stuck together.
Afferent Carrying impulses toward a center.
Ambulatory The condition of being able to walk, not confined to bed.
Antidote A substance given to counteract poisons and their effects.
Antipyretic Pertaining to an agent that works against fever.
Antiseptic Pertaining to an agent that works against sepsis; putrefation.
Antitussive Pertaining to an agent that works against coughing.
Apathy A condition in which one lacks feelings and emotions and is indifferent.
Asepsis Without decay; steril, free from all living microorganisms;
Autoclave An apparatus used to sterilize articles by steam under pressure.
Autonomy The condition of being self-governed; to function independently.
Axillary Pertaining to the armpit.
Biopsy Surgical removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic examination; used to determine a diagnosis of cancer or other disease processes in the body.
Cachexia A condition of ill health, malnutrition, and wasting.
Centigrade Having 100 steps or degrees, like the Celsius temperature scale, boiling point = 100 degrees Celsius & freezing point = 0 degrees Celsius.
Centimeter Unit of measurement in the metric system; one hundredth of a meter;
Centrifuge A device used in laboratory to separate solids from liquids.
Chemotherapy Treatment using chemical agents.
Chronic Pertaining to time; a disease that continues over a long time, showin little change in symptoms or course.
Diagnosis Determination of the cause and nature of a disease.
Diaphoresis To carry through sweat glands; profuse sweating;
Disease Lack of ease; an abnormal condition of the body that presents a series of symptoms that sets it apart from normal or other abnormal body states.
Disinfectant A chemical substance that destroys bacteria.
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