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Stack #54414

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 6

animal, -ālis, -ium, N. animal
Athēnae, -ārum, F. (pl.) Athens
atque or ac (conj.) and
aurōra, -ae, F. dawn
careō, -ēre, -uī, -itus lack, be without (+ abl.)
corpus, corporis, N. body
dīcō, -ere, dīxī, dictus say, tell, speak
diū (adv.) for a long time
domus, -ī, F. house, home
exemplar, -āris, -ium, N. copy, model, example
exemplum, -ī, N. example
frāter, frātris, M. brother
homō, hominis, M. human being, man
ignis, ignis, -ium, M. (abl. sing. igne or ignī) fire
Italia, -ae, F. Italy
Iūnō, Iūnōnis, F. Juno (sister and wife of Jupiter)
Iuppiter, Iovis, M. Jupiter (god of the sky)
līberō (1) free
lūmen, lūminis, N. light
mare, maris, -ium, N. sea
māter, mātris, F. mother
mēns, mentis, -ium, F. mind, disposition, intellect
mīles, mīlitis, M. soldier
moenia, moenium, N. (pl.) (city) walls
mōns, montis, -ium, M. mountain
nōn sōlum...sed etiam not only...but also
nox, noctis, -ium, F. night
oppūgnō (1) attack, fight against
pater, patris, M. father
regō, -ere, rēxī, rēctus rule
rēx, rēgis, M. king
Rōma, -ae, F. Rome
rūmor, -ōris, M. rumor, gossip
rūs, rūris, N. country (as opposed to city)
sānus, -a, -um sound, healthy, sane
sciō, -īre, -īvī, -ītus know
servitūs, servitūtis, F. slavery
sīdus, sīderis, N. constillation, star; heaven
soror, -ōris, F. sister
spargō, -ere, sparsī, sparsus scatter, sprinkle, distribute
timor, timōris, M. fear, dread
urbs, urbis, -ium, F. city
vigor, -ōris, M. liveliness, activity, vigor
vīs; (pl.) vīrēs, vīrium, F. force, power; (pl.) strength
Created by: alcarohtare