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CCHS Yr 10 SIT 3

SIT 3 for CCHS Latin Students

abire to go away
adulescens young man
aedificare to build
aegrotare to be ill
alii…..alii some…others
animadvertere to notice
aperire to open
audere to dare
bellum war
caelum heaven
capere to capture
cavere to be careful, beware
celeriter quickly
ceteri the rest
clam secretly
coepit he began
collabi to collapse
comes companion
conari to try
consequi to overtake
constituere to decide
cotidie every day
credere to trust, believe
crudelis cruel
cum primum as soon as
cupere to wish, desire
currere to run
custodire to guard
defendere to protect
delere to destroy
desilire to jump down
dives rich
domus home, house
ducere to bring, lead
egredi to go out
extra outside
facere to do, make
fortasse perhaps
fortis brave,strong
gaudere to be joyful, be happy
gaudium joy
hostis enemy
ignorare to not know
incendium fire
ingredi to enter
instituere to establish
insula island
interest it is important
irrumpere to burst in
libenter gladly
liberi children
litus shore
loqui to speak
ludus school,game
mare sea
migrare to move one's home
miles soldier
monere to advise,warn
morari to wait
mussare to mutter
nasci to be born
navigare to sail
ne…quidem not even
nox night
nusquam nowhere
olim once, one day
oppidum town
opprimere to overwhelm
oriri to rise
pati to suffer, endure
pauci a few
petere to make for
poenas dare to pay the penalty, be punished
ponere to place
porta gate
praeter except
proficisci to set out
propter on account of
quam primum as soon as possible
quomodo how
quoniam since
redire to return
regina queen
regredi to return
relinquere to leave
rogare to ask
rursus again
se celare to hide oneself
sepelire to bury
sequi to follow
sollicitus -a -um anxious
somnum sleep
strepitus clattering, noise
superare to overcome, defeat
superbus -a -um proud, arrogant
talia such things
tandem at last
tantus -a -um so great, large
totus -a -um the whole, all of
trahere to drag
tumultus uproar
undique on all sides
utilis useful
valde very much
ventus wind
verbum word
vesperi in the evening
via road
vicinus -a um neighbouring
vinum wine
Created by: Yannerz