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Sci Energy Sources

If the fuel rods in a reactor vessel produce too much heat, a condition called a(n) _______ may occur. meltdown
What is hydroelectric power? Electricity produced using the energy of flowing water.
Are incandescent light bulbs less or more efficient that compact fluorescent bulbs? less efficient
What are the three major fossil fuels? coal, oil, and natural gas
What is an advantage of solar energy? Solar energy will not run out for billions of years.
Fossil fuels are energy-rich because they contain __________________. hydrocarbons
The splitting of an atom's nucleus into two smaller nuclei is called ______ nuclear fission
In the future, cars may provide energy savings by ______ running on electricity
Coal is a solid fossil fuel formed from _______. decaying plant remains
The combining of two atomic nuclei to produce one larger nucleus is called __________ nuclear fusion
What are biomass fuels? fuels made from living things
What is the most widely used source of renewable energy in the world today? hydroelectric power
What is the most plentiful fossil fuel in the United States? coal
Why are fossil fuels considered nonrenewable resources? Fossil fuels take hundreds of millions of years to form.
The process of nuclear fission begins when a _____________ strikes the nucleus of an atom. neutron
One example of an energy-efficient device is a(an) _______ fluorescent light bulb
The intense heat beneath Earth's surface is called _______ geothermal energy
What is the process of burning a fuel to change chemical energy into thermal energy called? combustion
Solar plants use giant ______ that focus the sun's rays to heat water. mirrors
What is produced to turn the blades of a turbine when fuel is burned to boil water? steam
What is the result of using fossil fuels more rapidly than they are formed? The reserves will eventually be used up.
Petrochemicals are compounds that are made from the fossil fuel _____. oil
Which fossil fuel produces the lowest levels of air pollutants? natural gas
What type of solar heating system uses fans and pumps? active solar heating system
What is efficiency? Efficiency is the percentage of energy that is actually used to perform work.
Factories where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products are called _______. refineries
Wind energy is actually an indirect form of ________ solar energy
What does energy conservation mean? reducing energy use
Created by: Karen Heisner