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science 6th grade

door on hinges lever
stairs inclined plane
light bulb screw
crane pulley
door knob wheel and axle
push pin wedge
lever a rigid bar board that is free to move around a fixed point called a fulcrum. The fulcrum may be placed at different locations along the bar.
pulley have a grooved wheel with a rope running along the groove. Pulleys can change the amount and/or the direction of the effort force.
inclined plane reduce the amount of force required to lift an object
wheel and axle consists of two circular objects: a central shaft called an axle, inserted through the middle of a wheel
complex/compound machines conssist of two or more simple machines
levers rake door catapult arms and legs seesaw wheelbarrow pencil
inclined plane sloped driveway escalator stair ramp ladder bleachers roof
pulleys crain flag pole elevator blinds tow truck fishing pole
wheel and axle wheel feriis wheel screwdriver propeller door knob yo-yo
screw light blub screw jar lid cord screw spiral staircase
wedge ziper axe teeth chisel fingernail saw knife
when a force produces motion in the direction of the force work
macine made of two or more simple machines compound machine
a flat sloped surface inclined plane
an inclined plane that moves wedge
a machine with only one movement simple machine
an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder screw
two circular objects of a different sizes that are attached in such a way that they rotate together wheel and axle
any rigid rod or plank that pivots about a point lever
a grooved wheel with a rope or chain wrapped around it pulley
someone sitting on a cushion on the floor none
the cushion is picked up and put on the couch work
the cushion is put back on the floor work
a baseball is hit into the bleachers work
you lift your arms above your head work
you study two hours for a test none
a little girl on a swing is pushed by her father work
Created by: kmm0602