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USMLE I - Micro

Animal exposure + jaundice + renal = Leptospirosis
What is the MC late manifestation of Lyme dz Joint involvement
What is the MC cardiac sequelae of Lyme dz AV node block
What is the MC neurologic sequelae of Lyme dz 7th CN palsy (Bell’s)
What dz is also carried by Ixodes tick and present w/ hemolytic anemia Babesiosis
What dz is also carried by Ixodes tick and presents w/ elevated LFTs, low platelets, low WBCs Erlichiosis
Pt returned from trip abroad and has hemolysis plus GI complaints malaria
What respiratory bug has branching weakly acid fast and gram positive filaments Nocardia
What branching filamentous bacteria affects the respiratory system of immunocompetent pts Actinomyces
Pt went to wet areas of Ohio/Mississippi river valley. Has palate/oral ulcers pancytopenia and splenomegaly. Dx Histoplasmosis
What other respiratory dz does Histoplasmosis mimic TB
Pt came from rural Southeast with pulmonary complaint and bone lesions Blastomycosis
Pt had GU/Gu procedure and now has subacute endocaritis, what organism E. faecalis
Bacterial endocardx in pt w/ colonic malignancy Strep bovis
Endocardx in pt with prosthetic valve Staph epi
Non flagellated protozoa causing DILATED cardiomyopathy T. cruzi
Fever, chest pain, heart failure. Dx and bug Myocardx / coxsackie
Diarrhea post travel ETEC
What actually causes food poisoning Preformed heat stable toxin of S. aureus
What actually causes food poisoning of re-heated rice Preformed toxin of B. cereus
Late onset watery diarrhea from food poisoning Clostridium PERFRINGENS (spores need to germinate and release toxin)
Copious watery diarrhea V. cholera
Blood diarrhea, animal/pet to human transmission Campylobacter jejuni
Raw poultry / eggs / recent abroad travel, fever, ab cramps, BLOODY diarrhea, spots on ab Salmonella
Bloody diarrhea, appendicitis like pain Yersinia enterolytica
Invades mesenteric veins and cause liver abscesses Entamoeba histolytica
Hepatitis type where there is AVERSION to smoking Hep A
South America, travel, dysphagia, constricted distal esophagus T. cruzi
UTI, hospitalized pt w/ urinary catheter Klebsiella pneu / E. faecalis
Most highly resistant bug causing subacute endocarditis and hospital catheter acquired UTI E. faecalis
Stages of syphilis Painless chancre; condyloma lata macular lesions; CNS deterioration and aortic aneurysms
Positive Tzanck, multinucleated cells w/ intranuclear inclusions HSV-2
Three etio of common cold Rhino, corona, adeno
Pharyngitis, pink eye, pt in summer camp or military or college dorm ADENOvirus
PNA w/ broad based bud, chronic, granulomas in lungs Blasto
PNA in SW USA/mexico Coccidioides
PNA-like, hemoptysis, animal hair/hide B. anthrax
Mild PNA, animal hide Coxiella
PNA related to water reservoir in elderly and smokers Legionella
PNA w/ Anemia, DRY persistent cough, INTERSTITIAL infiltration Mycoplasma pneu
PNA w/ LOBAR consolidation, rusty sputum Strep pneu
Impetigo S. aureus
Erysipelas Strep pyo
Rash begins on palm and spreads to trunk Rickettsia (RMSF)
Abscess following trauma to neck/head, draining sinus tracts Actinomyces
Animal bite, osteomyelitis Pasteurella
Created by: DrINFJ



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