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Bone Vocabulary

Ways of describing bone characteristics

a deep pit or socket in the maxillae or mandible alveolus
a junction between 2 bones articulation
ear-shaped auricular
cleft into 2 parts or branches bifid
a passageway through a bone canal/meatus
a little head capitulum
a spiral structure shaped like a seashell concha
a large, smooth, rounded articulating oval structure condyle
a projection shaped like a crow's beak coracoid
a triangular projection ending in a sharp point coronoid
associated with or a part of the ribs costal
a narrow, prominent ridgelike projection crest
perforated like a sieve cribiform
wedge-shaped cuneiform
half of a facet, part of an articular surface shared by 2 adjacent bones demifacet
the middle of a long bone, the shaft diaphysis
the projection adjacent to a condyle epicondyle
the end of a long bone epiphysis
a small, flat, narrow articulating surface facet
a narrow, slit-like opening through a bone fissure
a rounded passageway through a bone foramen
a flattened, shallow depression fossa
a small depression fovea
shaped like a shallow socket glenoid
a gap hiatus
a flat, thin plate lamina
a low ridge, less prominent than a crest line
a club-/hammer-shaped process malleolus
breast-shaped mastoid
a V-shaped indentation notch
associated with the nape of the neck nuchal
a supporting column or stalk pedicle
like a rock petrous
any marked bony prominence process
a high place promontory
wing-like pterygoid
an angular extension of a bone relative to the rest of the structure ramus
a partition septum
a cavity or hollow space in a bone sinus
a pointed, slender process spine
flat, scale-like squamous
pointed, pen-like styloid
a narrow groove sulcus
the line of union in an unmovable articulation suture
a massive projection only found on the femur trochanter
a smooth, grooved pulley-like articular process trochlea
a small, round protrusion tubercle
a large, rough protrusion tuberosity
shaped like a sword xiphoid
Created by: Krjadixon