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Quiz Chapter 8

Zoology Quiz 8

Ungulates are: Animals with hooves.
Proboscis elephant's trunk
Horses are easy to feed and care for? False
How much water does a horse need per day? 10 to 15 gallons
Lists the 4 basic gaits of a horse. Walk, trot, canter and gallop
Walk slowest and steadiest
trot horse is suspended in the air for a moment in every stride
canter faster than a trot
gallop The fastest gait
What is the main difference between a horse and a pony? How tall it is.
Horses are measured by "hands". A hand is equal to how many inches? Four
Foal: Any horse that isn't a year old yet.
Yearling: Any horse that is BETWEEN one and two years old.
Filly: Female horse that isn't fully grown.
Colt: Male horse that isn't fully grown.
Mare: Fully grown female.
Stallion: Fully grown male.
Mule: Female HORSE mates with male DONKEY
Hinney: Female DONKEY mates with male HORSE
Zebras have their own _________ ________________ that is totally different from every other zebra. stripe pattern
Rhinos have a symbiotic relationship with: Oxpeckers or tick birds
Symbiotic relationship: Two or more creatures live together in a close relationship.
Why are rhinos are endangered? People hunt them for their horns.
What are RHINO horns used for? Chinese medicine and knife handles.
How is the tapir like the elephant? They both have a trunk.
Hot-blooded horse: Smaller horses built for speed.
Cold-blooded horse: Larger, gentler horses used for working.
Warm-blooded horse: Athletic skill and gentler personality.
Why do elephants blow dust? To cover their skin, acting as a sunscreen and insect repellant.
List the different ways an elephant uses its proboscis. Inhale water, spray water or dust, pick things up, break branches, scratch, "shake hands", tear up food, smell, and defend themselves.
How are elephants and mammoths different? Mammoths were covered with hair and their tusks curved up-ward.
Created by: elizabethzoology