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lesson 8 quiz


What are some uses of the elephants (probiscis) trunk? inhale water, break branches, pick up branches,scratch, defend itself, shake hands
What other tool besides their trunk do elephants use to defend themselves with? tusks
How do we know mammoths used to exist? We have uncovered many bones, tusks,and skeletons in Siberia
Where do the mastodons live? In the forests
How are horses and donkeys different? Donkeys have larger ears,they are smaller and have a more stubborn disposition
What are rhinos horns made of? Keratin
What did God give zebras that is similar to our fingerprints? Their stripes
What are some uses of the elephants tusks? peel bark from trees, dig,move logs
Why do elephants spray dust on themselves? Because it acts like a sunscreen, and a bug repellant
Are horses cold or warm blooded? warm blooded
What is a yearling? A horse between a year and two years old.
A female horse that is not fully grown is called what? A filly
Mammoths help us to understand what about the temp of Siberia? It must have been warmer there in the past in order to provide food for the mammoths
How are zebras and donkeys alike? They both have a fierce bite, coarse manes,large ears and a powerful kick
Horses are digitrades which means what? They run on their toes
How are mammoths like elephants? Both have trunks, tusks, and they are the same size and shape
What kind of molars do mastodons have? jagged
What are the 4 basic ways a horse walks? walk, trot, canter and gallop
Mastodons, unlike mammoths have a second pair of what? Tusks
What is a "gait"? The way a horse walks
What is unusual about the horses legs? They have no muscles below their knees
Before cars how did people get around? on horses
Created by: kjproverbs356