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sphr 262 3

lecture 3

articulation diction or enunciation
consonant sounds that are made with the articualtors obstructing the outgoing air stream, closed sounds, add clarity and intelligibility, dividing units and frequently separate vowels
vowel sounds that are made with the vocal tract more or less open and teh air stream is unobstructed
voicing vocal cords are vibrating when teh sounds is produced. all vowels and diphthongs, 15 consanants.
place of articularion labial, dental, alveolar, palatal, velar, glottal
manner of articulation stop, splosive, fricative, affricate, glide, liquid, nasal
assimilation occures when a sounds in a word is changed or modified as the result of the influence of neighboring sounds. ex: want to...wanna or i am going to...i'm gonna
labial involving lips
bilabial involving both lips
labiodentals involving lower lip and upper teeth
dental tongue touches teeth
alveolar tongue touches the alveolar ridge
palatal tongue touches teh hard palate
velar tongue contacts or is near the velum
glottal glottis is partially closed H is the only sound in american english
stop the air stream is briefly but completely stopped in the oral cavity
fricative sounds in which the air stream is not totally stopped but is obstructed to a narrow area. fate, thick
affricate thses sounds combine the stop and a fricitave. you stop the air and then move into fricative. match
glide sounds with little or no obstruction. yes
liquid sounds hwere the air stream is obstructed but not stopping or fricativing. lady rabbit
nasal air goes through the nasal cavity instead of the oral
active articulators lower jaw, lips, tongue, velum
passive articulators teeth, hard palate
Created by: boone.reavis