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미래 future
여러분 みなさん
새로 newly, for the first time
가루 powder; flour
마루 traditional Korean living space
내려가다 (내려가요) schodzic
배려 troska
다루다 (다뤄요) traktowac
놀이 a pastime, play
출입 entrance and exit
큰일이에요 jest duzy problem
멀다 (멀어요) to be far
힘들다 (힘들어요) ciezko, smutno
얼음 ice
물오리 diving duck
수질오염 water pollution
볼우물 doleczek
절약 oszczednosci
출연 appearance on stage
혈육 potomstwo
결원 wolne miejsce
갈아타다 乗り換える, przesiasc sie
놀이 공원 amusement park
실망 (失望) disappointment;
갈비 beef ribs
슬프다 (슬퍼요) to be sad
stone, a rock,
시골 countryside
결과 result, outcome, consequence, effect, fruit [結果]
월급 monthly salary
훨씬 far more, much more
생활비 the cost of living, living expenses
벌레 an insect; a bug
N 몰래 w tajemnicy przed N
몰라요 I don't know
들르다 drop by/ stop by/ drop in
얼른 quickly
별로 not especially あまり~ない
물론 of course
얼룩 stain
불룩하다 swollen, miec brzuch-beben
빌리다 (빌려요) to borrow/rent
졸리다 (졸려요) byc spiacym
지우개 eraser
어른 adult
장난하다 to play, joke around, be mischievous
그럴 리가 없어요 信じられない
구하다 to look for (house, job)
알았어 I got it. (Okay)
정말 really, truly
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