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Mitral Valve

CHD study.

Mitral stenosis, typical congenital valvular heart disease characterized by the narrowing of the orifice of the mitral valve of the heart. reduced ability of the blood to move from the left atrium to the left ventricle in diastole.
Parachute mitral valve with mitral stenosis the chordae tendinae of both leaflets of the mitral valve insert into a single papillary muscle. The condition often produces a stenosis.
Arcade type mitral stenosis malformation of the mitral tensor apparatus characterized by enlarged papillary muscles connected to mitral leaflets by a typical fibrous tissue bridge. This arrangement creates a fibrous continuity between valvular and subvalvular apparatus.
mitral hypoplasia with mitral stenosis the left ventricular cavity is markedly reduced in size. associated with aortic and mitral stenosis
mitral stenosis, subvalvular the leaflets and subvalvular apparatus are dysplastic. Three types of subvalvular stenosis have been recognized: parachute mitral valve, hammock valve, and absence of one or both papillary muscles.
straddling mitral valve (MV)straddles the anterior aspect of the septum through a malalignment onoventricular-type VSD. Associated with a ventricular septal defect(VSD) and almost always with conotruncal anomalies.
List the mitral valve congenital cardiac lesions on CHD study. -mitral stenosis, typical congenital -parachute mitral valve with mitral stenosis -arcade type mitral stenosis -mitral hypoplasia with mitral stenosis -mitral stenosis, subvalvular -straddling mitral valve (SMV)
Created by: mcat