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1_15 Pharm1

Rx that can induce SLE CHIMPP Q: clorpromazine, hydralazine, INH, methyldopa, penicillamine, procainamide, quinidine.
describe Reye's symptoms, cause hepatoencephalopathy (fatty liver, hypoglyc), from treating viral dz in children w Aspirin
what Rx can cause aplastic anemia “I really can’t say, could be inside or gone nextdoor to play happy hippos w harry' MC: idiopathic, radiation, carbamzepine, sulfa, chloramphenicol, benzene, sulfa, viral (Parvo, Hep B/C, EBV, CMV, HIV, zoster)
Causes of acute hep, hepatic necrosis ATM TB: acetaminophen, tetracycline, methyldopa, TB meds (rifampin, INH, pyrzainamide); necrosis=halothane, valproate, acetaminophen
what Rx can cause agranulocytosis clozapine (atypical antipsych for schizo, acts on 5HT&Dopa R), carbamazepine (epilepsy), colchicine (acute gout), propylthiuracil, methimazole (both thyroid)
what used to treat gout that's not acute probenacid (prevents absorption uric acid in PCT), allopurinol (inhibits xanthine oxidase)
what's sulfasalazine? What's it used for? combination of sulfapyridine Ab and mesalamine (salicilate, anti-inflamm); tx ulcer colitis
what's infliximab? Tx? anti-TNF; tx Crohn's and RA
etanercept? Tx? TNF decoy R, tx:RA, psoriasis, and ankyl spondyl
treatment acute gout colchicine, but indomethacine(NSAID) is less toxic
phenoxybenzamine? Tx? alpha blocker (non selective v mirtazapine a2 for depression), tx pheochromocytoma and hypotonic bladder/overflow incontinence
mirtazapine? Tx? alpha 2 blocker for depression
Causes of liver cirrhosis? Necrosis? acetaminophen, MTX; necrosis=halothane, valproate, acetaminophen
causes S-J sulfa, allopurinol, Abx: PCN, cephalo, quino; sz: phenytoin, phenobarb, carbamazepime
SE metformin GILMAR=GI, lactic aciodsis, metallic taste, age (note>80), renal (can’t use if Cr _1.5 male, _1.4 female)
SE MTX GLOBIn: GI upset, oral ulcers, BM suppression, hepatic injury, interstitial pneumonitis. **give folate and monitor LFTs and renal
SE valproic SE valproic='w-tangs' wgt gain, tremor, alopecia, NTD, GI (N/V), sedation
SE carbamazepine NNASSA=N/NTD, AV block , skin rash/S-J, siADH, aplastic anemia. Kaplan says MC SE drowsiness, dizziness
SE captopril CAPTOPR'=Cough, Angioedema, Proteinuria, Taste changes, hypOtension, Preg problems (fetal renal damages), renal failure, rash. **don’t use w bilateral renal artery stenosis.
SE phenytoin gingival hypertrophy, hirsutism, rash/S-J, LAD, ataxia, slurred speech, confusion, diplopia, nystag and neuropathy w longterm use
mech/use odansetron use for refractory chemo related N/V. A 5HT antagonist (dolasetron, granisetron are related).
how is phenazopyridine used aka pyridium, urinary analgesic
what is dalteparin LMWH
SE amio watch for pul fibrosis (also bleomycin), difft types of pul injury incl chronic interstitial pneumonitis, organizing pna, and ARDS, also hypo/hyperthyr, liver toxicity, also corneal deposits, incrses dig levels and prolong Coumadin effect.
what is reserpine used for anti-HTN and anti-psych
what is dextramethorphan used for anti cough
what type of Rx is phenylephrine, use? decongestant, used for nosebleeds, similar to pseudoephedrine, also used for testing heart murmurs (incrses resistance)
what type of Rx is tacrine? Use? anti cholinesterase, Alz, dementia
what type of Rx is phenelzine MAOI for depression (esp atypical
mech/use metoclopramide Dopa agonist and promotility. Anti N/V
what type of Rx is pramipexole Dopa agonist for PD (also pergolide and bromocriptine
what is prochlorperazine used for for N/V, has EPS
what Rx used for Gauchers imiglucerase replacement (recombinant glucocerebrosidase)
what type of Rx is clonazepam benzo
what type of Rx is phentolamine anti a adrenergic, can be used for pheo
what is diphenoxylate used for for diarrhea
what is cisapride used for constipation
what is bethanecol used for promotility (ie metoclopramide), can be used for advanced PUD, also hypotonic bladder/overflow incontinence
what type of Rx is chlorpropamide and how used sulfonyl urea used for DM, but 1st generation so not used anymore. Has siADH and disulfram like effects w EtOH
mech/use diphenhydramine Benadryl=anti-His for anaphylaxis, allergies, anti N/V, motion sickness, acute dystonias in EPS. Avoid in elderly bc SE sedation, hypotension, AMS
what type of Rx is galantamine anti cholinesterase, Alz, dementia
how is clofazime used in leprosy
what type of Rx is donepezil? Use? anti cholinesterase, Alz, dementia
what is benzonatate used for anti cough
how is mioxidil used Rogaine=hair growth, SE of tachycardia, fluid retention so don't use in severe CAD
SE verapamil constipation, heart block, hyperK, liver dysfxn, prolactin
what kind of Rx is meclizine, use? Dramamine, antiHis used for dizziness
what type of Rx is selegeline MAOI used in PD
what kind of Rx is chlorpheniramine, use? antiHis allergic component of acute sinusitis
what type of Rx is clozapine atypical, 2nd gen anti psych
what type of Rx is lansoprazole PPI
what type of Rx is loratadine? Ranotidine? antiHis for allergic rhinitis; H2 blocker used in GERD
what type of Rx is famotidine? H2 blocker used in GERD
what's bosentan? Use? an endothelin R antagonist used for pul artery HTN
what's fosfomycin? Use? an Abx used for UTIs, can be used in pregnant women
what's anastrozole? Use? aromatase inhib for tx Br ca in post menopausal women, but incrsd incidence of fx
what's mafenide aacetate? Use? a sulfanamide, used to prevent infection in burn victims when deep burn
what's thioridazine? 2 key SE? retinal pigmentation, cardiotoxicity
SE quinidine cinchoism (tinnitus, HA), thrombocytopenia, arrhythmias (ie torsades de pointes)
SE of statins myositis, reversible incrsd LFTs
Rx causing long QT TCA, Li, phenothiazines, thioridazine, quinidine, procainamide, disopyramide
what's the thalimidines like a thiazide diuretic, but hypoK can be worse
what's chlorthalidone like a thiazide diuretic, but hypoK can be worse
what's metolazone like a thiazide diuretic, but hypoK can be worse
what's triamterene a K+ sparing diuretic
what's amiloride a K+ sparing diuretic
what's bumetanide a loop diuretic
which ACEI most likely to give angioedema? Which ARB? enalapril, condesartan
NG dilates arteries, veins or both mostly veins (Arteries at high doses)
2 key SE to look for in nitroprusside MetHb, thyocyanate
what key SE to watch for w prazosin postural hypotension, esp first dose
key effects of verapamil on conduction, contractility and cardiac BF. How compare to dilt, nifedpine? verapamil=lot AV block, decrsd, contract, not much incrs in cor BF. Dilt decrses contractility and some, incrs cor BF. Nifedipine has no affect on conduction or contractility but very severe hypotension (can't use in USA or AoS, is used for Reynauds)
hydralazine dilates arteries, veins, or both? arteries
isosorbide dinitrate dilates arteries, veins, or both? veins
what's bretylium anti arrhytmic for V Tach and V Fib
what's propafenone anti arrhytmic for V Tach and V Fib, very strong negative inotrope
Rx can cause gynecomastia “Some Drugs create awesome knockers' spironolactone, dig, cimetidine, EtOH, ketocanazole
causes siADH “Psych Can’t (4) Diurese Old (2) Vodka' antipsych, carbamazepine, chlorpropamide, clofibrate, cyclophosphamide, vincristin/vinblastine, opiates, oxytocin
SE AZT (zidovudine) Zidovudine (AZT)=myopathy, hematotoxic, also incrsd AST/ALT
SE cisplatin Cisplatin=watch for nephrotoxicity, give lots of fluids. Also can cause deafness
SE steroids cataracts, osteoporosis, Cushing syndrome (moon facies-broad cheeks w temporal wasting), facial plethora, thin/fragile skin, purple stria, acne. HTN, CHF. DM. Gastritis or PUD, acute pancreatitis, fatty infiltration of liver. Etc, etc
what's aripiprazole wgt neutral 2nd gen anti psych
induce P450 Queen barb refuses common grocery pretzels quinidine, barbs, rifampin, carbamazepine, griseofulcin, phenytoin
inhibit P450 Inhibitors stop cyber-kids from eating grapefruit INH, sulfonamides, cimetidine, ketoconazole, erythro/clarithro, grapefruit,
metabolized by P450 Bad BAB NiP QuiT War barbs, benzos, amide anesthetics, bb (metoprolol/propranolol), nifedipine, phenytoin, quinidine, theophylline, warfarin,
incrsd risk of dig toxicity quinidine, cimetidine, amio, CCBs , spironolactone
what's amoxapine potent anti-psych w antidepress. Wgt gain is similar to other antipsychs, not used anymore bc SE profile of newer ones much better
key SE vincristine/vinblastine peripheral neuro and siADH
what's cytarabine? Key SE cancer Rx, eye problems (prevent w topical steroids)
key SE bleomycin and bulsulfan retroperitoneal and pul fibrosis, busulfan can also cause adrenal failure
SE cyclophosphamide hemorrhagic cystitis, diarrhea, bladder cancer, leucopenia, siADH
key uses and SE azathioprine purine analog often used as steroid sparing agent for autoimmune blistering dzs: elevated LFTs, bone marrow suppression, risk of lymphoproliferative
warfarin toxicity FlAME BaQ (ie bleeding) flucanazole, amio, metronidazole, erythro [and most macrolides], bactrim, quinolones
what's methoxyflurane? Key SE anesthetic, DI
key 2 SE halothane can cause malignant hypothermia, also liver necrosis
TNF inhiibitors put at risk for? Name a Rx infliximab, reactivation TB
what diuretic be careful of for someone on Li thiazide, can cause toxicity
SE bb fatigue, depression, insomnia, bad lipids, hallucinations, raynauds, sexual dysfxn, asthma if nonselective
Rx that cause photosensitivity tetracyclines, amio, sulfonamides sat for photo
Rx that can induce G6PD hemolysis SIPPN CAND flava beans sulfa, INH, primaquine, pyrimethamine, NSAID, chloramphenicol, ASA, nitrofurantoin(isn’t that sulfa?), dapsone
Rx that compete for albumin binding sites ASA, warfarin, phenytoin
skin SE of amantadine livedo reticularis
key SE of hydroxychloroquine retinopathy
SE tetracyclines GI, Fanconi's anemia, photosensitivity, tooth discoloration, Ca++ in tissues, acute hepatitis
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